Peppa Pig

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If you have young children/siblings, they may watch a program called 'Peppa Pig.'  But I have a theory. A theory that will chill your bones and will make you stop you younger relatives watching the program.

When I was about twelve, my cousins won a opportunity to meet the producers of Peppa Pig. Me, being quite upset as I loved the show (which was strange for a twelve year old let me tell you that) told my father who then told my aunt who then told me I could go. I went with them to the studios and had a great day. Before I left, a producer came up to me and gave me a file. He told me not to open it in the presence of anyone and to burn it once I had read it.

I forgot about it until very recently. When I was cleaning out my house, I stumbled across this file and I read it. I was shocked. It told me how Peppa Pig had really been started. That all of the animals were based on dead children. Within the file, it gave me the ways the children and the ways they had died died...

Peppa Pig

Peppa was never a healthy child. She was usually ill and spent her short life in a hospital bed. One night, Peppas parents decided it would be best if they euthanised her. So that night, Peppa fell asleep and she was injected with a poison thus killing her. This causes Peppa to want to be a fairy as her last dream was about fairies.

Mummy pig, Daddy pig and George

Peppas parents could not live with the guilt of killing their child. After six agonising months of George asking where his sister had gone, Daddy pig snapped. He took a knife and killed himself, his wife and child.

Suzy Sheep

Suzy was always a happy child and loved playing on her bike. She wanted to be a nurse as she progressed in her life. One sunny day, Suzy was riding her bike when she was run over by an oncoming truck. The impact caused her to die immediately. In her after life, Suzy is usually found wearing a nurse costume

Mummy Sheep

Due to her daughters death, Mummy Sheep couldn't cope with life. Already hooked on alcohol, she started taking crack cocaine and heroine. She got a deep depression and died of drug overdose.

Mr. Zebra

Mr. Zebra was the man driving the truck that killed Suzy. He was not sent to prison but lost his drivers licence and job. Due to this, he lost his house, wife and money and died living on the streets. (This is why Suzy and Mr. Zebra have never been seen in an episode together)

Danny Dog, Grandpa Dog and Mummy Dog

Grandpa dog was strict in his human life. He took his only daughter and grandchild everywhere. Grandpa dog was a sailor and worked usually at a garage. Grandpa dog had taken Danny on a sail around when a storm broke out. Lightning hit the boat which set it alight. Grandpa Dog was burnt to death while Danny drowned. Mummy dog, was killed at the garage. She was fixing the Car wash when it malfunctioned and killed her. This is why she is never ever seen at Grandpa dogs garage and why Grandpa dog doesn't like taking Danny on a boat.

Pedro Pony

Pedro was a geek at school so he was always bullied for this. He took everyday as it came and never stood up for himself. One day, the bullying got out of hand. The children went swimming where Pedro was brutally drowned by his classmates/bullies. In his animal form, Pedro is still a geek but it is shown he has only a few friends.

Chloe Pig, Aunty pig and Uncle Pig

Chloe's family was perfect for her. Her mother and father have her everything she wanted. Chloe was spoilt. She got her own way and was a terror towards her parents. One day, Chloe wanted a puppet theatre. Her parents could not afford one and made her one themselves. Chloe was not happy and threatened that if she did not get a professional one, she would jump off the roof. And she did. Chloe's parents felt guilty for their child's death. So, when Chloe's parents conceived, they jumped off of the roof and joined their spoilt, spiteful daughter.

Madam Gazelle and the other children

Madam Gazelle had a passion of guitar and teaching. She loved teaching all of the children, taking them on trips and singing songs while playing her guitar. One day, Madam Gazelle was teaching the children how to bake cookies. They left the cookies in the ovens which caused a massive fire. All of the children and Madam Gazelle were unable to escape and died in the fire.

The elders

All of the elders died of old age except one. Grampy Rabbit. In one episode, he explained he went into a jungle. This was how he died. He starved in the middle of the jungle. He died and took over the body of a rabbit, an animal known for eating everything.

Grandma and grandpa Pig

Grandpa pig died in his garden. He was gardening one morning when Peppas treehouse fell on him. He was crushed to death.

Grandma pig was the last person to die out of all of these people. In fact, this is all in her imagination. Grandma pig is  schizophrenic and is also taking multiple drugs. All of the characters of Peppa Pig are all of her loved ones. Grandma Pig is a widow, in grief and fully alone. So, her schizophrenia took over and transported her to a world where her loved ones are alive and well. She told her one and only friend, Patrik who was mostly out and about with show biz. Because of this, he is Mr.Potato. When Grandma pig died (much like Mummy Sheep), Patrik went to Nickelodeon and thus Peppa Pig was made into a show.

I never knew that such an innocent show could be based on something so cruel and wrong. I never thought for one second how they could have come up with this. But I do know something. I will never watch it again and neither will my children when I have them. Because I know the true horrors of an innocent show.

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