My New Brother (BoyxBoy)

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               He won’t talk. He won’t show emotion. He only does what he is told. He always has his head down, or so I’ve been told. I’ve not seen his eyes or really any part of his body except for his pale hands and a glimpse of his face, for he looks to the floor and has his emo cut hair covering his face. His name is Kale Eightysix Ash, and he is my new brother.

                My mother had always wanted to adopt. I had always thought she meant a baby or a toddler, but to my surprise, she brought home a boy around my age. He was really hot, but I could tell just by looking at him that he was loner. It was how he carried himself. It was like he had nothing to live for. He had really white hair, which is weird as it is, but he wore all black clothing that covered him from his shirt to his shoes, with the exception of his hands, though his finger nails were also black. He looked kind of scrawny, but I couldn’t tell because of his baggy clothes.

                “Honey, are you alright?” I ignored my mother as I continued to stare in shock at my new sexy brother. My mother had told me that she had picked him out because she instantly thought of me when she saw him, and her motherly instincts were telling her that he was the one. She had been rushing around with all the paper work that had to be done before he could come. She had never told me he was my age. I never looked in the room that he was staying in, but I now regret not doing so.

You can imagine my surprise when she walks into the house with Mr. Sexy trailing behind her. He doesn’t look up though. “Honey, this is your new brother. Now, please close your mouth, and make him feel at home.” Sighing, I shook off my shock, and led him to my room. He followed me without question or even looking up. I wonder how he gets around. I pulled him into my room and sat him down on my bed. I guess now is a good time to introduce myself.

                “Um, hey. My name is Alexander.”  He didn’t look up. He didn’t speak. I couldn’t even tell if he was paying attention. Not knowing what to do, I sat on the bed next to him and sighed loudly, yet nothing happened. Alright if he wanted to play it that way, then I accept his challenge. He won’t be able to resist this. Getting up off the bed, I stood in front of him and grabbed his chin jerking it up. His lips were parted slightly, and I could not help but to smile as I bent down and kissed his plump lips gently. He did not stiffen up, nor did he melt. I pulled away angrily and slapped him.

           “What is wrong with you? I just gave you the most amazing kiss you have ever had! Speak!” He sighed and got up to his feet. We were now standing face to face. My tummy was doing flips. With his head still down, he put his hand flat against my chest. I looked at it questioningly for a second before he push me hard. Next thing I know, I was flying back screaming bloody murder.

           “Hey!” I heard my mother call. “Do not die!” I once again ignored my mother’s comment as I looked at him amazed. Who knew he was so strong then I remembered why I was on the floor.

            “Hey! What is your problem?” I gave him the meanest disappointed look I could possibly whip up. You know, the kind your mother gives you when she catches you doing something wrong and stupid.

 “Stop it.” Kale had whispered. I stood there in shock watching him walk out of my room. Oh my god, he can talk. Then again I did just meet him. I guess to him I’m just some kind of freak, but it’s not my fault. That’s just who I am.

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