Chapter Thirty-One (Mature)

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"Well... You're just bigger than I pictured."

"What's the supposed to mean?"

"You know what they say about the Irish..." Niall snorted, shaking his head at me before looking at the ceiling.

"I'm going to be old and gray before we finally get this out of the way."

"Hey, you're the one who asked me to go slow."

"I didn't think you'd go this slow."

"I guess I'll just have to pick up the pace then." I said, my voice going lower than usual.

"For the love of go- Fuck." Niall moaned out as I took him into my hand, giving it a slight squeeze as I smirked to his reaction. I had been with a lot of people, but none of them were like Niall.

I didn't love them like I loved Niall.

As I continued to stroke his dick, I reached with my free hand to the drawer on my side of the bed to produce a bottle of lube that hadn't been opened for quite some time. Before I could even get the chance to toss it on the bed next to me, Niall came into my hand with a loud moan. I almost yelped for I hadn't expected him to come so easily.

Then again, I'm dealing the virgin.

"Wh-What's that?" Niall asked, his voice still shaking as he recovered from his orgasm.

"Lube, it'll help make it all easier..." I said before grabbing the box of tissues that were also conveniently placed on my side of the bed. I wiped off Niall's cum before tossing it aside. I grabbed the lube again, popping open the cap and putting a generous amount onto my fingers.

"I know you're sick of me asking this but... Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Yeah... I'm sure."

"Okay.. This is going to be a little uncomfortable at first, and it might burn a little.... Just let me know when you want me to add another okay?" Niall nodded, biting his lip as I grabbed a pillow and put it underneath his lower back so I had easier access. Slowly but surely I inserted my index finger, Niall's nose scrunching up in discomfort. I moved it in and out slowly, stopping for a moment when he let out a soft whine. He nodded after a minute, and I started to move again. Eventually I put in another, and it wasn't long after that before I had three in. At this point I had found his prostate, hitting it expertly every time, earning a gasp followed by a low moan from Niall.

"I'm ready Harry..." He breathed out, and by this point I was done questioning him. I pulled off my own boxers that were slightly soaked from the precum of my own dick, throwing them to god knows where. I grabbed a condom from the box I had underneath the bed, putting it on in record time along with the lube. I looked at him for one more moment, earning a nod from him before I finally entered him. It was slow at first, taking quite sometime before I was deep inside him.

When I finally was, I was almost completely overwhelmed. It wasn't just because I hadn't had sex in nearly a year, it was because this was Niall.

Niall of all people...

And he loved me.

"Move?" Niall squeaked, his hands clawing into my arms. I didn't need to be told twice, moving slowly, dragging it out for as long as I could. Something about going slow seemed to make it more memorable, somewhat more overwhelming. It didn't take long though before Niall came for a second time that night, his scream making me come as well.

Sweat glistened on our bodies as I slumped down ontop of him. He whimpered as I pulled out, clutching me closer as I buried my face into his shoulder.

"I love you." He practically sobbed out, his voice quiet though.

"I love you." I whispered, kissing the skin of his shoulder. We lay there for a few moments, trying to catch our breath again. He held me close, running his fingers through my hair as I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of being in his arms.

"I need to clean up... You sleep." I whispered, getting up from the bed. Niall just gave me a sleepy smile before nodding. It didn't take me too long to clean up, perks of condoms I guess... But as soon as I was done, I pulled on a pair of sweats and climbed in next to Niall. He was fast asleep, but he cuddled against me without hesitation. I kissed the top of his head before I followed suit, a smile on my face.


I'm honestly not that good of a smut writer and it's cause I honestly don't like it... I mean it's cause a lot people use it for reads instead of lot development and that irritates me haha.


Sorry if it sucked. Also if there's like spelling/grammar mistakes I apologize.


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