She used the candle

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After Emma, Neal and I got back from the woods we discovered that Snow had used the candle that Cora gave us when we were  little girls, and used it to kill Cora. Saving Golds life. Snow was upset,she wouldn’t leave her room. She just sat there.
Emma, Henry and I sat at the island eating breakfast. David went to try to get Snow to eat something but he came back with the plate in his hand.
‘’Anything?’’Emma asked
‘’She wont eat a bite.’’David said sighing. I looked at my sister. I felt so helpless.
‘’Whats wrong with her?’’Henry asked.
‘’Nothing, shes just a little sick’’Emma said. I got up from the island and I walked to Snow's room. She looked at me with sad eyes. I sat down on the bed. I didn’t try talking to her. I knew she was upset. She regretted what she did immensely. I just stayed for support. I saw Emma and Henry talking about something. Henry didn’t look to happy. Emma told him about Regina, I know it. I heard a knock on the door and David went to go get it.
‘’Get out!’’I heard David say in a load voice. I got up and walked over to the door.
‘’Regina. She planning to strike back. Against your mother’’Gold said.
‘’What is she going to do to her?’’Henry asked
‘’She didn’t say’’Gold said.
No I wont let that happen.
‘’No. you don’t get to come in here and drop a bomb like that. Your going to figure this out and your going to help us’’David said sternly
‘’And why should I?’’
''Well she did save your life!''
‘’Because aside from us being family now. Like Elizabeth just said, Mary Margret saved your life. Now you owe her a debt and you always pay your debts, don’t you. Your going to help us stop Regina’’David said.
David and Gold went to Regina's vault. Apparently Regina was going to cast a spell that was called the curse of the empty hearted.
‘’What the hell dose that do?’’I asked crossing my arms
‘’It has the power to make someone love you’’Gold said
‘’Doesn't that break magic laws? You can't bring someone back to life you cant force someone to love you’’Emma asked
‘’This particular spell can make someone think, that they love you and if you are so desperate for love, as Regina may be, you might just believe it.’’
‘’She's going to use it on me, isn’t she?’’Henry said coming down the stairs. Oh great, he was spying on us. We sent him up there so he didn’t hear us. Good trick Henry.
David walked over to henry’’Hey buddy why don't you go back upstairs. Let us handle this’’
Henry pushed David out of the way.’’No’’
‘’Emma, you said you were going to be honest with me and now why is Regina using this curse?’’’Henry asked. Well Henry, you are  not taking anyone's shit today.
‘’Because it’s the only way she can get everything she wants. That she can get you.’’
‘’But if all she wants is me’’
‘’Your mother is a complicated woman. She wants your love of corce but she also wants vengeance on Mary Margret’’
I looked at my poor sister who was still sulking in her room.
‘’How dose the curse give her both?’’David asked
‘’Because they last ingredient to cast the curse is the heart of the person she hates the most’’Gold explained
''Oh no way! No she isn’t taking Snows heart!'' I said.
‘’You have to stop her’’Emma said
‘’No, I don’t have to do anything. On the contrary. I think warning you, for filles my debt’’
I glared at him.
‘’Not even close! This is my wife's life were talking about!’’David said
‘’Not to mention your grandsons’’Emma said
‘’Yeah well wars have costs’’
’’Nice’’I said bitterly.
‘’Well this is blood feud, dearie. One that goes back a very very long time and the only way you can end a blood feud Is by the spilling of more blood. That is the only way of getting rid of your Regina problem’'Gold said.
‘’What? Killing her?’’David asked
‘’I don’t think there's another way’’I said, I don't want to kill Regina but i would gladly pick my sister over her.
‘’Is there no other option?’’Emma asked
‘’I'm afraid not’’
‘’Stop! listen to yourselves! Your talking about killing my mom. You used to be hero's, what happened to you?’’Henry asked
Henry then ran away.
‘’Henry’’Emma said running after him. She grabbed her coat
‘’No matter how this plays out. We need to keep him as far away as possible’’ Emma said before she shut the door, leaving.
‘’She's right. Cora was dangerous because she didn’t have a heart. Regina is even more dangerous because she dose’’
I was sitting in a chair, Gold was here protecting snow while David went to help find Henry.
Regina came into the room, unlocking the door with her magic. She saw Snow, who was on the bed sulking and she smiled. But before she could get to Snow, Gold was in her way.
‘’Nice try, dearie. Did you really think it was going to be that easy?’’Gold asked
She looked over at Snow’’He cant be your guard dog forever’’
She glared at Gold once more before walking out. I rushed over to Snow and sat down on the bed. I patted her shoulder.
I stayed on the bed with Snow. We had our backs against the end of the bed, on the railing. Gold was still here,he was on the phone.
‘’That was your husband. It seems that Henry convinced Regina to destroy the curse. Which means my services are no longer required’’Gold said. 
''Thank you''I said. He nodded at me and he turned his back and started walking away.
‘’How do you do it?’’Snow asked in a small voice. Gold stopped walking
‘’Do what?’’
‘’Live with yourself. Knowing all the bad things you’ve done?’’Snow asked
‘’Well, you tell yourself that you did the right thing and if you say it often enough. One day you will start to believe it’’and then he left. I gave Snow a soft smile.
‘’I'm going to go shower, are you okay by yourself?’’I said. She nodded at me and I walked to my room, grabbing some clothes and I went to my bathroom that was connected to my room.

Authors note:
5 CHAPTERS TILL SEQUEL! The next chapters will be kind of long though.

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