Chapter 14

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Warning: upsetting chapter ahead. Like very upsetting.

Listen to the song if you want. I love it!!

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If you're sensitive to subjects like these, have tissues ready!


"When I was about 10 years old I lived in my hometown, Cienfuegos, Cuba. My mom and my older sister went out on a trip to Japan. Just to get away for a little bit. One night someone broke into the house." Lance started to tremble. "There were a few of them. I was only 10. But I remembered when my parents ran drills for us in case anything were to happen like this. Considering that we lived in the most dangerous part of town. Following the instructions I was given, I hid under my bed with my blanket and favourite stuff animal that I received from my parents when I was born."

Lance pulled his knees to his chest and stared at the wall as if re-living the moment.

~Lances Flashback~

The small Lance woke up due to what sounded like a window smashing.

"You idiot!" Lance heard someone whisper.

'Mommy and daddy said if something like this ever happened to take my blanket and my monkey and hide under my bed' Lance said to himself.

Following those instructions he quietly but quickly moved so he was under the bed.

Footsteps could be heard.

Then a voice he all to well recognized spoke.

"Hey!" His Father yelled. "Who are you!"

That's when a gunshot went off.

Lance flinched at the noise.

"Daddy!" A scream from Lance's younger, sister who was only 4, Sofia.


Lance flinched again and whimpered.

More and more gunshots went off.

Lance wanted to go and see what was happening but he was too scared. So he just hid under the bed like he was told.

That's when his bedroom door opened and feet appeared in his view.

Lance pulled the blanket over his head more, pulled his monkey close and scooted back as far as he could into the corner. He couldn't be seen.

"Nobody else is here!" A gruff voice said.

"Good! Take the good stuff and let's go before the cops come!" Another voice yelled throughout the house.

Lance waited about 30 more minutes waiting for all noises to be gone.

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