Chapter 67

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I woke up and I walked into the kitchen where Snow was. She was sitting at the island. It has been hard for us with Johanna's passing. I sat down next to her.
‘’Hey’’I said
‘’Hey’’she said back. Looking at me.
‘’Are you sulking too?’’I asked
‘’A little. It's just not fair! Regina won. Johanna is dead and now her and Cora have the dagger. She needs to be stopped’’
I put a hand on her shoulder.She wanted to kill Cora and or Regina. Which was defiantly not the right move for her. Snow is not murderer.
‘’You know it isn’t your fault right?’’I said giving her a small smile.
‘'Oh corce it is. I shouldn’t have given it to them. Either way Joanna is dead’’Snow said putting her face into her hands.
‘’You were doing what you thought was right. Mother would be so proud of you,snow.’’
‘’You sure?’’Snow asked, turning her head to look at me.
‘’I'm sure. Now when was the last time you ate something?’’I asked
‘’Yesterday’’She said.
‘’Oh no! That wont do!’’I said standing up.’’Lets get some food in your stomach, dear sister of mine’’
I went to the cubord and  looked. Nothing worth making really. We needed to go to the store, bad. I looked on the counter and saw an apple. I smirked and i turned towards Snow.
‘’How about an apple?’’I said throwing it to her and she caught it.
‘’Not funny’’she said. I started laughing and then her phone went off. She stood up to answer it. After she talked in the phone for a minute she hung up and looked at me.
‘’Emma, Gold, Henry and Golds son are almost here. We need to meet them. Apparently Hook stabbed Gold with some poison’’Snow said
‘’Okay, I'm going to have a serious talk with that pirate later’’I said. I ran over and grabbed my jacket and threw it on. I put my beanie on and Snow got her jacket and hat on.
‘’Come on’’she said and we rushed out of the apartment.
We got to the docks, David picked us up.
‘’Are you alright?’’Snow yelled as we got out of the truck. Gold who looked in pretty bad shape was being carried by Ruby and some other guy. I'm guessing that’s golds son/Henry's dad.
‘’Yeah we're alright’’Emma said.
‘’I drove a ship’’Henry said. I smiled at him. David traded ruby her  spot, helping gold.
‘’Did you now?’’David said.
‘’Yeah my dad showed me how’’Henry said. I was right, it was that guy.
I  walked over and hugged Emma.
‘’I'm glad your okay’’I said smiling at my niece. Snow went over to David.
‘’Just to warm you, we haven't had the best couple of days.’’I said
‘’I’ve heard. I'm sorry’’Emma said giving me a worried glance. I nodded.
‘’Thanks’’ I gave her a small smile and we walked over to the group. I gave Henry a hug.
‘’Hey, Henry’’I said ruffling his hair.
‘’Hey, Liz’’
‘’Hey you okay?’’Emma asked Gold.
‘’I'm felling a bit stronger. Take me back to my shop. There's magic there that can protect us’’Gold said
‘’Let me guess. I get to go with Ruby’’Henry said. I gave him a sad look. It was the best for him. He couldn’t be involved in this, I stood next to Snow.
‘’You  got it kid’’Emma said
‘’I''ll keep him put of the cross fire’’Ruby said
‘’Thank you’’Snow said
‘’Don’t look so worried. You will stop Cora. You wont let her get away’’Henry said before Ruby took him away.
We took Gold to his shop and the boys set him down on the small cot he had in the back. I dont know why he had a cot here, maybe he likes taking naps?
‘’Emma did you find it?’’Gold asked
‘’Yeah there's nothing in it’’Emma said. She shook the clear jar and there was a clanking noise coming from the jar. Okay what the hell.
‘’What the hell?’’Emma asked. She stuck her hand in the jar and then pulled her hand out. It looked like she was holding thin air.
‘’Invisible chalk. Use it in the front doorway. Draw a line, the rest of you might want to prepare for battle’’Gold said
Well great. Emma walked out of the room with the invisible chalk. We shared looks before following her. David and i went outside to check eveything out. I grabbed a sword that was on the wall on my way out.  We walked back inside.
''Everything is fine outside''I said. I noticed that Emma and Neal looked awkward a little, like they were having a intense conversation.
‘’Everything okay?’’David asked. I walked closer to them. Emma nodded and continued to draw the invisible line. I'm pretty sure everything was not okay.
‘’Great job Emma, it looks great’’I said. She glared at me. I laughed slightly. She got up and went to the back room.
‘’Where's Snow?’’I asked David
‘’Shes in the back probably.’’David said. I nodded and she came from the back.
‘’Gold wants Emma to cast a protection spell’’Snow said
‘’Dose she have enough power for that. She has barly used magic’’I said as i jumped to sit on the counter.
‘’Lets hope so’’Snow said
I looked out the blinds and saw the protection spell was cast. Emma did it. I glanced over at David and Snow  who looked like they were in a serious conversation. I didn’t want to interrupt them so I just kept looking out the window. All the sudden the place started shaking. Like an earthquake. I'm pretty sure it wasn’t an earthquake. I rushed over to David and Snow. We looked out the blinds and saw Regina and Cora. I ran over and grabbed the sword that i had left on the counter.
‘’I'm going to tell them’’David said running towards the back. I gripped Snows hand and we stepped away from the door.  Emma, David and Neal rushed in and we went all the way to the back, facing the front door. I gripped my sword and I stood in the middle of Neal and David. We pointed our swords to the door. The front door slammed open and Regina and Cora were right there, they came in, walking towards us.
‘’Regina think about what your doing’’Emma said
‘’Don’t talk to me’’Regina said
I gripped my sword harder. A fire ball formed in Regina's hand and David ran in front of us and blocked the fireball before it could hit us. She then threw David out the front door.
‘’David’’Me and Emma said together and the door was then closed. He couldn’t get back in. Great our best swordsmen is outside. I went to charge at them but Cora simple threw me in the air. I hit the wall, my head slamming into it. okay ow! I was dizzy a little. I put my hand on my head and groaned out in pain. I felt arm's pick me up and carrying me. I looked up and saw Neal. Emma then used the invisible chalk and made a line. The wall going up.Were safe for now.
‘’You okay?’’Neal asked
‘’Yeah, thanks’’I said and he let me down.
Emma looked me over.
‘’Okay. Your good?’’
I nodded.
‘’Come on’’Emma said and we walked to were gold was. I sat down on a chair. My head hurt a little. Nothing to serious. I heard a phone go off and Emma reached into her pocket.
‘’David?’’Emma asked’’For now I’ve got the spell up in the back room…shes not with you?...’’
My eyes went wide. Snow! I looked around and she want here. Oh my god. Where the hell is she? I could hear Cora trying to get into the room. I stood next to Emma, close to Gold and Neal was in front of us. I was worried about my sister, 100% but I have to focus on whats going on right now. That being Cora trying to come in here to take the dark one's  powers and kill him. Even if hes already dying.
‘’It's getting weaker. Shes going to get through’’Neal said turning towards us.
‘’Maybe its for the best. At least this cursive power will be gone from this world’’Gold said in a weak voice
‘’No. No your not dying’’Neal said.
‘’I am dying. That much is certain. I need to talk to Belle’’Gold said.'’Elizabeth, please’’
I nodded and took my phone from my pocket. I unlocked it and I got to her contact.
‘’Who's Belle?’’Neal asked
‘’Your dad's girlfriend’’Emma said. I gave the phone to Gold.
Neal looked puzzled a little before looking at his father. I walked over to Emma and stood next to her, facing the wall.
‘’I know, I know . It's just, sweetheart I'm dying..i know that your confused about who you are so I'm going to tell you. You are a hero, who helped her people. You’re a beautiful woman who loved a ugly man. Really, really loved me. You find goodness in others and when its not there, you create it. You make me want to go back, back to the best version of me. That never happened before. So when you look into the mirror and you don’t know who you are. That’s who you are. Thank you’’ and then he hung up. Tears welded to my eyes at hearing his small speech to Belle. It was so sweet. They really loved eachother. My mind went to peter. I loved him, more than I could ever imagine loving someone. I also loved Killian as well but I loved peter too. I pushed my thoughts of the, out of my mind as I heard Neal speak.
‘’I didn’t know you had that in you’’Neal said
‘’I'm fill of love. I spent a lifetime looking for you, for a chance to say I love you and I'm sorry’’Gold said.
‘’I didn’t think you would go back on our deal.’’
‘’I just made the wrong choice.’’
‘’I'm still angry’’
‘’I know’’
I looked back slightly and saw Neal and Gold leaning to each other, almost hugging. I smiled a little. At least they are on good term's.
After Neal and Gold talked Neal soot up and was facing the door with Emma. Sword pointed. I walked over to gold and  he put my phone in my hand.
‘’I will make sure Belle is alright. I promise’’I said giving him a small smile. He gave one in return. I put my phone in my pocket and I got my sword and faced the door as well. Cora came in and I gripped the sword harder.
‘’You three out of the way’’Cora said and then a purple smoke engulfed us. I looked around and saw we were in the forest.
‘’Are you kidding me’’I said throwing the sword on the ground.

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