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"What do you mean, 'with the Light?'" M'gann demanded. "When Psimon said he'd been working on the orb for two years, those years I was a prisoner of the Light. They were trying to make me a supersoldier, loyal to them. The orb was too make me forget anyone else I might have been loyal to."

"But what about the third year? You were gone three." "My first year I spent in Romania, since I could blend in easily. Somehow, the Light figured out where I was. They sent everyone major. Cheshire, Deathstroke, Sportsmaster, the big leagues. I didn't stand a chance.

"The long scar on my back was from the fight. Deathstroke's sword had cut pretty deep. The only reason I'm alive was because they were sent to capture me. I suppose that's the only good thing that came from it.

"As for my other injuries, the ankle and stab, and all that was from my escape. The starvation and dehydration was punishment for rebelling against them. I wouldn't do what they said to do, especially when it came to them teaching me killing blows. That didn't go over well."

"How did you escape?" M'gann asked. "I was in the cell when I remembered that they had large vents, in case there was an attack and they needed to escape. I climbed in, but forgot to turn off some sensors. I barely managed to make it into the zeta beams they had. I destroyed them, by the way."

"But you remember now? You remember everyone?" J'ohn asked. "Yeah. That's part of the reason it was so painful. I had a lot of memories that were held back, and it was like a flood hitting me all at once."

Something popped into M'gann's head. "We found a black box at one of your warehouses. What was it?" "That? That was something for a previous mission. I'd left it because I didn't need it anymore. It was evidence, if anyone needed it for court or something." Dick stood up. "C'mon. I think it's time we tell them what we found."

They all woke up in the med-bay.When M'gann looked at the clock, she realized it had been two days. "Time passes quickly in your mind. It felt like we were in there for two hours." Dick nodded. "It's from all those kidnappings, when all I could do was explore my mind, in a way." Bruce walked in to see all three awake.

"Bruce." Dick said weakly. He still couldn't believe he'd asked who Bruce was. Bruce rushed over to his son, relieved to have him back. Dick pulled him into a hug, and Bruce squeezed even harder. Dick was back.

"What do you remember?" Bruce asked, not realizing the Martians had left to fill out a file. "I was in Romania for a year, then the Light kidnapped me. Forced me to train, but didn't account for my stubbornness. Got most of my injuries from escaping. The black box was from a previous mission, so I don't need that anymore." Bruce nodded. "Please don't do that again. We thought you were dead."

Dick smiled. "Not planning on it any time soon. By the way, how's the team been? And Tim?" "We had to temporarily disband the team. But now that you're back, I think it's time to pull them back together. And Tim's been fine. His hacking needs work, you know."

"I'll start with the team once I can walk again. Tim, I can start with whenever. As for telling the team, I'd rather do it in the living area, with all the couches. That's what normally happens anyway. One of us goes through something, and we have a huge cuddle party." Dick joked.

"Honestly? You use sarcasm so much I don't know when you're joking anymore." Bruce said. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" "Depends. Anyway, I'll send Tim in. Try not to overwhelm him." "Why would I do that when we could be whelmed?" "Using those again?" "Maybe. I'm in a good mood." "That's a good thing." "I know. That's why the word 'good' is in there." Bruce just sighed.

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