24 | Chapter Twenty-Four

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"Hey Macey," Connor finally was able to say, scratching the back of his neck before Macey replied with a subtle laugh.

"Hey nerd," Macey finally let out before letting herself inside with Snowpea following behind her.

The moment she stepped through the door, an overwhelming warmth danced across her skin. Macey felt like a princess, walking down the narrow but heavily decorated hallways that had crystal chandeliers hanging from the roof.

"Take a right," yelled Connor, which Macey instinctively has done, arriving into a grand kitchen that took her middle-class breath away.

The walls were all a pearlescent sheen, with gold trimmings along the windowsills and door frames. In the middle was a large counter looking like it was made of pure elf stone, harvested from the depths of the mountains themselves with ingredients scattered all across the top. Macey spun around, her head scanning the rest of the room which had almost every type of fauna growing along the walls, artwork that was worth more than all her adornments combined and yet another crystal chandelier that shone with dragonfire and created a sepia like glow across the shiny white room.

"I can literally taste the cash in the air," Macey whispered down at Snowpea, who then retreated towards the lounge and began to have a snooze.

With silence lingering in the air and curiosity shifting though Macey like the wind, she then began to gaze down at all the ingredients, shaking around random jars and sniffing leaves which made her sneeze. She impatiently waited for Connor to make his way, transferring her weight between the balls of her feet and her toes, sighing at the fact that he was taking his time to make a grand entrance.

Finally, he arrived, storming into the room with a vile of bark and frustration were written all over his face.

"Sorry about that," sighed Connor, placing the vile on the counter before acknowledging Macey's presence. "Aru became agitated over something. I see now it was Snowpea."

He then began to shuffle about herbs around, placing them all into a caldron which hovered over a small unlit fireplace that seemed stationary in the centre of the counter. With precision, Connor lit the flame with his fire magic then sprinkled what was in the vile, mixing the contents around with a wooden spoon, making Macey curl the corner of her lip in confusion.

"I thought we were casting a spell?"

Connor added an aquamarine substance into the mixture then let out a silent laugh. "In order for the spell to work, you need to drink this."

Macey furrowed her brow. "Why?"

"Because you're not a Paladin," replied Connor, mixing up the content while grabbing near Macey a jar of gold flakes. "If you don't take this potion, it may neutralise your magic down to nothing. From personal experience, it's not nice."

Seeing the grimace upon his face made her chuckle underneath her breath, unable to resist the urge to play with the nearby plant by her fingertips. Macey laughed, then said, "Hilarious — the nerd being magically disabled. Man, the tricks I could pull over your eyes and you not being able to do a damn thing about it."

She could see from the corner of her eye that Connor didn't like her claim, shaking his head in disagreement with a frown upon his face.

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