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kelsey's pov
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kelsey's pov-vote and comment-

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| monday, august 15 |

the first day of school was always something i had dreaded with everything in me. having to wake up earlier than i have all summer, seeing everyone i couldn't wait to leave behind for break, walking down the crowded hallways, and getting dragged into irrelevant drama that had nothing to do with you are some of very many reasons i dread it. The only things i actually looked forward to this year was seeing my boyfriend and best friend every day and having them help me through senior year to get ready for the day we've all been excited to see since freshman year, Graduation.

i let out a drowsy sigh as i look through my closet searching for an outfit that seems right for today's occasion that's had me in an upsetting mood for the past week knowing summer was coming to an end. Shrugging i pull off my white crop top from its hanger then find my black and white plaid pants to wear with it before grabbing my black vans to wear along with the out fit.

"what's got you in a mood?" my mom asks letting out a small laugh at how i entered the kitchen.i playfully roll my eyes at her since she already knows the exact reason. my mom enjoys messing with me when it comes to stuff like this and it's clearly not my favorite thing but i try not to show it. "anyways, Froy is in the Living room waiting on you" she says kissing my forehead. i nod to her and she gives me a light smile. "have a great day sweetie, i love you" she says kindly as she grabs her purse. "i love you and you too" i say returning the smile and she heads towards the foyer leaving for work.

"Babe when are you wanting to leave?" i hear froys voice from the living room. My parents have always favored froy when it came to Guys; however my best friend has never liked him that much. We met in ninth grade when he had first moved here, instantly we had became friends and we were just friends until he finally asked me out At the beginning of our sophomore year. Our two year anniversary is in two weeks and it's definitely something we've both been looking forward to. I'm excited to see his face when he sees the Yankee tickets i bought us. They're his favorite team so i know he'll love them. "I just need to get something for lunch" I reply back heading over to our refrigerator looking through all of the options.

"we can just go out for lunch" he says taking me by surprise as he wraps his arms around me from behind, resting his chin in the crook of my neck. Taking in his scent, i smile knowing it's the cologne i had bought him for his birthday last month. "canes?" i ask full of hope being that it was one of my favorite places to eat at. "whatever you want baby" he says kissing my my jaw right beneath my ear before he lets go of me. "okay, then i'm ready now" i say as he smiles down at me.

he pulls out his keys and i grab my back pack before following him out to his car. Usually our car rides are always quiet and comfortable unless we were fighting. "Do you think Sahar could take you home today? i have stuff to do after school and i doubt you'd want to hang around for it" Froy asks me as we back out of my drive way. Lately it's always seemed like he's had tons of stuff to do that i wouldn't want to accompany him in. "yeah she won't mind" i say looking out the window. he grabs my hand and it instantly makes me smile. "you know i love you right" he says and i look over at him to see him taking quick glances in my direction. "more than anything" he adds and my smile grows hearing him say that. "i love you too" i say still smiling. him saying that had made me start to feel as if today wasnt going to be nearly as bad as i had thought it would be.

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