Chapter 16

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Fierzza's POV

I closed my eyes and quickly reopened them.

Cashmir said that he was going to find any more people stuck here and he told us to meet outside.

Let's just hope his appearance keeps up.

"Come on! Let's go!" I yell at the group and we start running towards a metal door.

I quickly punch it and made a budge in it. But.. huge mistake on my part.

No abilities.

I felt pain and the scent of metallic blood but ignored it.

"Let's.. Get the hell out of here." I say and John's fist crackles with electricity copied from Remi's lighting.

"I got this." John says as he punches the wall with a jab and the door breaks open with a thud.

"Come on then. Let's go." Blyke yells and we continue running towards the exit..

Or was it the exit?

Cashmir's POV

You know.. I always wanted to do something bigger in life. Something that has a purpose.

So I'm helping people.

'So what?' A voice says in my head and I keep on walking.

'Not answering huh? Guess your purpose is to be a ghost.' The voice in my head continues and I grit my teeth in anger.

"Don't make me destroy you." I say coldly and continue walking to search for people.

'You couldn't if you tried.' The voice says and I get even more mad.

'Your purpose? To die in a hellhole.'

'What are you even doing here?' The voice says and my eyes glint with anger.

'Your worthless. Hopeless. Your a failure to everyone.'

'Your friends will die. Your family will die. Those people who helped you.. will die.' The voice says and I snap.

"SHUT THE F**K UP!" I yelled with anger and a person steps in front of me smiling.

"They.. will die. Just like you." The man says as he punches me in the torso and I cough out blood.

"You know.. I'm fed up with your bullshit." The man says grinning at me and I burst with anger.

"Shut.. Up." I say rushing to the man and punching him at his arms.

"ARGH!" The man yells and leans on a wall to stabilize himself.

I quickly rush to him and begin kicking and punching him everywhere I could.

I look at him and he coughs out blood.

"Good job.. 827198. Now the fun can begin."

I grit my teeth in anger and punched him in the face and he falls to the ground.

"Yeah.. The fun can begin." I say smiling and kept walking to check for more people.

"Hey you!" A voice calls out to me and I turned around to be met with a girl in a jail cell.

"Can you get me out of here?" Her voice pleads to me and I quickly get the keys in my pocket that I took earlier when I was getting everyone out.

I quickly ran to her cell and stabbed the key into the keyhole and opened the cell door.

"There." I say and the girl walks out of the cell with a grin on her face.

"Thanks." She says walking to me and hugging me.

I'm pretty sure my face is red right now but I managed to keep a calm face.

"It's been so long since I been out of that cage.. Thanks." She says and I smile.

"You wanna help me rescue the others?" I say and she looks towards another jail cell with a person in it.

"Well what do you think?" She says flashing a smile and walks towards the jail cell.

"Let's go."

Isen's POV

I am seriously going to kill myself when we get out of EMBER's HQ or whatever.

Normally I would think of this to be the greatest news ever, but I'm seriously worried.

What if I don't survive?

What if EMBER hunts down my family?

What if everyone gets hurt?

What if..

What if I will never be able to tell Remi I like-

"SNAP OUT OF IT ISEN! COME ON! HURRY UP!" Remi's voice shouts at me and I start running.

I catch up to the group but then notice something is wrong..

There's a man with a fire shield around him.

And he's holding..


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