Chapter Twenty Five

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"Nie chwal dnia przed zachodem słońca"

("Don't praise the day before the sunset")

P O L I S H   S A Y I N G


P.O.V Rose Elizabeth

Flashback on

The sound of the violin was almost inaudible because of the busy streets of Upper East Side noise. There was movement everywhere, even though it was raining torrentially. But people didn't seem to mind, for there were tourists everywhere taking pictures with happy faces. In that Friday rainy night, there were also some people passing by with shopping bags and others were in a hurry, probably to go home fast and be away from that agitation.

And sitting against the wall of an old building, playing the violin with shaking cold hands, was a fragile girl with blond hair and wet cheeks, not only from the rain. It was me. I was the one unnoticed by the world around me and it looked like even God decided to ignore me, as I was there suffering from hunger and fever. The fabric of my dress was so thin that the cold wind was almost touching my skin directly.

However, I couldn't stop playing the violin and just head home. I needed to make some money, so I could have a chance of receiving food from my parents.

It was a remote possibility, since they liked to spend the money I earned in futile things. But it was the only chance I had to be fead, at least by my parents.

Usually, I would be lucky because people would give me food once they noticed how pitiful I was. Sadly, that wasn't a good day, I barely made any money and received no food.

I was getting desperate with the reaction of everyone. If I was a wealthy person passing by someone looking miserable, I would surely provide them with anything I could in order to change that misery. Unfortunately, not everyone seemed to think that way.

It had always been a big wish of mine to enlighten everyone about the existence of veridical poverty, since people kept complaining about how cursed they were for not having a good car or an expensive bag. There are and there will always exist miserable people living in terrific conditions, yet the snobby people who are looking at me with disgust didn't seem to understand the concept of unfortunate.

Nevertheless, despite feeling like the most unhappy person in the world, I had knowledge that there were many people suffering more than me. What about those people who are being trafficked? Or those people who were being slaved? Or those people who are in the verge of death for being sick or miserably hungry?

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