Chapter Twenty-Five

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      After Gaston left I found out that Evie and Nadie were my undercover guards assigned by my grandfather. Both of my maids were trained to kill whoever harms me under Claude hellish training. And that's how Evie wounded the great captain on the arm.

     That's why Evie gives the mysterious slash danger vibe when I'm with her. Nadie not so much but I'd rather not find out whatever under her innocent, happy-go-lucky face.

     I stayed in the room most of the days until my feet heal. Roxanne shockingly visited me and brought me warm soup and soft bread, and she didn't glare at me for once.

    A week had passed and my feet were healed. It was still kind of sore but bearable and I didn't have to wear heels which were a good thing. I stepped out of the maze and into the spacious garden at the center of it. The garden had Moon Roses planted since it's almost winter.

     I sat on the gazebo comfortably with every glass door opened. Evie placed the sweets on the table and pored me a herb tea. I was getting used to using my left hand for quite a while now, with my right hand still fractured and all.

I was enjoying my stay while the sky turned to shades of orange, pink and violet when Nadie came looking for me.

"Sir Nikolai wants your presence, m'lady. Your family had arrived."

The cookie I was holding crushed between my fingers. I didn't bother to masked my face as my expression hardened. I gave stiffed nod and stood.

Evie followed me out of the maze while Nadie stayed to clean the table. I clenched my jaw, every step made my mood turned foul. We stumbled upon Roxy inside the house.

     "They're at the dining hall, Lady Catriona." Roxanne somehow changed how she treats and looks at me after the incident.

      I mouthed a thank you and walked my way to the dining hall. I could already hear Lilian's and her mother's loud and annoying voice coming from the other side of the double doors. I released a deep breath. A smile on my face when Evie opened the door for me. The mother and daughter stopped babbling and turned to look at me. They all started eating.

I wasn't even remotely surprised that my seat near Nikolai had been taken by Lilian. It was a good thing though, didn't like the thought of being near him.

I curtsied in ever so gracefully. "Good evening, father." It came out croaked since my voice box was still healing. Lilian's mouth quirked up, she was holding her laughter. I then looked at my stepmother and smiled sweetly. "Jasmine. Lilian."

     Their eyes were on the bandages that wrapped around my neck and on my hand. I walked to the seat next to Lily that was across to Jasmine. A young servant had already pulled the chair for me, pushing it back as I take a seat and went to the door where the kitchen was.

     Hudson cleared his throat. "We came here when we heard you got into an accident. We're glad you're alright."

Only few who knew about what really happened to me. What kind of made up accident was father pertaining?

I bobbed my head and waited for my food to arrive. Lilian started a new conversation about her latest little adventure just outside her home, Hudson, and Jasmine once in a while joined the conversation, and I was left to be ignored. My smile was gone and my face held boredom. I placed all my utensils on the left side since it would be more convenient for me.

     My food had arrived which was different from them that a small smile brought to my lips. The aroma was mouth-watering with full of richness. The cook had made me a chicken noodle soup which I had written down the recipe using my left hand five days ago. It looked better and I think the cook added more ingredients in order to come up with this masterpiece. The soup looked like glowing sun, an inch size pasta were shaped into stars and fresh green herbs were added.

     "Why does she have different soup than we had a while ago?" Lily asked the servant who brought my food.

"The soup was specially made just for Lady Catriona, Miss." He answered clearly, eyes looking down on the floor.

"I also want that soup."

"I am afraid that there's none."

"What do you mean there's none?" Jasmine asked, glaring at the servant.

"The cook only made the soup just for the lady," the servant answered.

Jasmine was about to speak when Hudson said, "Enough. It's just a bowl of soup. I apologize, Sir Nikolai."

"It's fine," Nik said and dismissed the servant. I haven't looked at him ever since I entered the dining hall nor saw him these last few days.

"Sister." I gave Lily a side eye and took the spoon. I was about to dunk it in when she asked, "Can I have your soup?" The tone of her voice was like I should pity her.

Ha! You stupid ass bitch, I know what you're trying to do. But I won't let you taste a single drop of this soup even I'll have to deal with your drama.

I shove a spoon full of soup in my mouth after blowing it. It's delicious than I expected. It tastes savory from the chicken broth and herbaceous from the herbs, a perfectly balanced.

     And action. "Why are you so mean to me, sister? I know you don't like me ever since we became your family." She paused and cried covering her face with her two hands. "I just want to have a sister."

     Three pairs of eyes glared at the villain who ignored them and ate delicately with her left hand.

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