Chapter 36

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''Stop haunting me in my dreams, idiot''

-and with that, he's gone.


In Taehyung's dream

His lips languidly caress the moonlit skin of the girl beneath him, her body bathed in a silvery light. His eyes, slightly hazy and blurry, can't seem to figure out who the figure was beneath him. His hands trail down her body, reaching her waist as he caresses them, cherishing the smooth slide of her skin beneath his palms.

He leans in again, continuing his sensual ascent up the collar of her neck, alternating between soft pecks and leisurely drags of his tongue. When he reaches her jawline, his eyes widen as he comes face to face with her.

Her lips stretch into a soft smile, her mouth parting as she begins to speak. ''hey Tae-''


Taehyung pulls the hoodie over his head and shoves his hands into his pockets, dragging his feet across the hallway.

''Taehyung!'' a voice called, and he looks back, only to see Jisoo running towards him. ''Did you give your assessment in?''

''yeah'' he responds hoarsely. Jisoo glances at him warily, concern etched into her features.

''...are you okay?''

He gulps, looking down as his bangs covered his eyes. ''yeah'' he responds again. He continues walking straight ahead, until he smashes his head against the closed door and stumbles back.

''Oh my god!'' Jisoo gasps, watching him fall on the floor head flat. ''What happened?''

''Yeah'' he responds again, his eyes looking a bit dazed. He gets on his feet again and brushes of the imaginary dust of his gucci clothes.

''let's go'' he says as if nothing happened. Jisoo watches him in utter confusion and concern, but tags along anyway.


Your POV

You sigh in distaste as the bell rings again, signifying the end of lunch break. The ringing of the bells made you shiver, almost sounding like the screams of the devil himself.

''Hey'' Jackson called beside you, noticing your sullen mood. ''Shall we sneak out?''

Your eyes light up at the thought of missing the next 3 hours of isolation, away from Jisoo and Taehyung.

Stop haunting me in my dreams, idiot

His words echo through your mind as you try to decipher what he had meant...

...and although you knew exactly what he had meant, your mind failed to accept it.

You and Jackson managed to sneak out, stopping at a cafe for a drink or two.

''Is this a date?'' Jackson asks excitedly, and you snort.

''Yeah, if you want''

He flashes you a wide grin, and you smile back. Your eyes gaze softly at him as he looks through the menu, but your smile slowly begins to fade.

I like Jackson...

...but as a lover?

You still weren't too sure. Maybe you had accepted to date him...out of haste. Were you sure of your feelings? Does he make your heart flutter with just a look?

I'm over thinking everything...maybe it'll take time to fully love him in that reassure yourself.

But the odd feeling at the back of your heart didn't disappear.

Nevertheless, you masked on your face of euphoria and bliss and made the most of your date.


''This is unacceptable'' Hitman Bang shakes his head in disapproval. ''Skipping isolation and leaving the school premises without permission? Is this a joke?''

After stopping at the cafe, you couldn't get far as Hitman Bang's sidemen had tracked you down. You were both then dragged back to the school.

''sorry'' you both bow, apologizing. He rubs his temples in a circular motion, as if it would ease his headache. ''If you attempt anything like that again, you will be excluded''

You were both then dismissed from his office, free to go home now.


Fastening your pace across the hallway, a hand suddenly grasps your shoulder and you come to a halt.

''...wait'' a deep, rich voice spoke out. You crane your head backwards, your eyes widening.


''Um..'' he licked his lips, trying to mould his thoughts into a sentence. ''You don't need to come tonight''

You tilt your head, not following. ''what?''

''To give me blood. You don't need to come today''

You stare at him blankly for a few seconds, incomprehending. ''But aren't you going to die if you don't drink? Did you find a cure-''

''Yeah'' he says. And with that, he walks off, disappearing through the door and leaving you more confused then ever. He's acting weird...

But this is a good thing, right? I won't get bitten anymore...


Taehyung's POV

I lied.

I can't drink from her's making me go crazy. I can't believe I had a fucking wet dream about her.

She decieved me...yet why can't I bring myself to fully despise her?

I almost killed her and clawed her back...yet why is she still willing to offer me blood?

A werewolf and a fire and water.

Sworn enemies.

I need to stay away from her...

I hope TXT find a cure for me soon... because I can't survive on her blood forever.

Because if I drink again...I don't think I'll be able to suppress my emotions.

It's wrong...but I think my old feeling are returning.

And I can't get rid of them if I keep running into her.

He gazed at the fiery golden orb descending down the horizon, casting crimson red hues across the sky. He takes in a deep breath and stands up, heading back inside after recollecting his thoughts.

I need to...

kill this love

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