One Direction Dirty Imagines ♥

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This is my first dirty imagine! so tell me what u think! no hate :)


Zayn and I have been dating for three months now and we're head over heels for each other. Tonight we were watching a scary movie marathon. I cuddled up to his warm embrace and put the blanket over us. The scary face in Insidious popped up on the screen. I squeaked and hid my face into Zayns' soft shirt. You could hear him chuckle and he held you tighter.

The movie ended and it was 11:00 at night. A smile spread across my face as I remembered my surprise for tonight.

"Be right back I have a surprise!" I said and winked running to my room. I herd him silently say "Shit its really dark in here. Why did she have to leave. Stupid plant looking like slender man." I chuckled and quickly pulled open my closet. I slipped off all my clothes and took out the lingerie. My best friend helped me pick it out. It was a black lace lingerie. It was a silky see through black flowy tank top with a white lace bra underneath. I slipped on the white lace underwear. I pushed up my boobs and checked myself out in the mirror. I fluffed my long hair and practiced my seductive face. Nope still looked stupid. I was tying on my neon pink pumps when I herd the door slowly creep open.

"Zayn is ttthat you?" I asked shaking. No answer. Fuck I'm screwed its slender man and he gonna kill me!

"BOO!" Zayn yelled and burst through the door with Louis falling him. SHIT SHIT SHIT.

"Zayn! Louis! You guys scared the crap out of me!" I yelled slapping Zayn's arm. Louis eyes were bugging out of his eye sockets. He coughed and looked down at my body. I looked down and turned a bright red crimson. I walked quickly over to my dresser to grab my robe.

I threw things to the side looking for it. "Sss sorry!" I said. God damn where is that robe!

"Looking for this?" I turned around to see Louis holding my robe.

"Oh thanks Louis." I reached out for it. He pulled back.

"Uh uh uh not yet." Louis said with a mischievous look in his eyes.

"Louis just give me the robe." I said crossing my arms and glaring at him. "Zayn tell him to give me the robe?" I looked back at Zayn who was studying my body. Agh this was totally embarrassing! Louis tossed the robe over me to Zayn. I jumped missing it.

"You guys this isn't funny!" I whined. I lunged at Louis trying to grab it. I lost my balance on my heels and fell onto Louis.

"I win!" I smirked and grabbed the robe. I tried getting up but Louis forcefully crashed his lips against mine. My eyes widened I pushed him down and stood up.

"What the fuck Louis! I'm dating Zayn!?!" I shrieked and confusion racked my brain.

"Zayn and I came to little agreement." Louis said smirking and he looked at Zayn as they stepped towards me. Is Zayn crazy! I looked at Zayns eyes they were full of lust. I stepped back and ran into the wall. Zayn grabbed my hands forced them above my head. He pressed his lips against my lips. I moaned as his warm tongue fought with mine of course he won. I felt a hand start rubbing my panties I moaned in delight but struggled to get away when I realised it was Louis. Zayn stopped kissing me.

"Stop fighting us you'll enjoy it. I'm okay with it." Zayn said and kissed me again sending shivers through me. I guess its not cheating if Zayn doesn't care. I moaned again when Louis hand came back again. I felt him bite my panties and pull them down my legs. I kicked of my shoes so he could take them off the rest of the way.

"Damn she's already wet." Louis said. I felt embrassed. "Don't worry thats hot." He said in reasurrence. His fingers ran over my crotch sending tingles threw my legs. Zayn kissed down my neck as Louis vigourisly rubbed me. I moaned grabbing Zayns hair. I gasped as Louis fingered me. Zayn grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. Louis and him ripped off my tanktop and bra sending it into pieces to the floor. They both threw there clothes to the floor standing completely naked. I studied there chiseled features it made me so wet if that was even possible. My eyes reached for their hard ons. My eyes bugged out they were atleast 8 in. each. Zayn was thicker but they both had hard ons. I kneeled down and reached my hands out and stroked them both. They moaned as I went up and down. I licked the tip of Zayns man hood.