Chapter 6

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Lucy was busy preparing dinner for her boyfriend John. His work schedule was to alternate between working seven days at the oil fields and then being home for seven days. She was wearing her good perfume and had even dressed up for him.

"Please don't be burnt. Please don't be burnt," Lucy chanted to her Roast Beef which she was pulling out of the oven. She had wrapped it in tin foil and was hoping that it would be delicious for John.

She gave herself a mental pat on the back when she saw that it didn't look like a piece of charcoal. When she heard her boyfriend come in, she ran to the front door.

"John, you're home," Lucy exclaimed as he kissed her. She never understood what compelled her to say that each time he returned. His being home was an obvious fact. She wondered if her always stating the obvious annoyed John. Maybe she said it to convince herself that he really did return to her after being away for a week.

"Hey babe, something smells good," John said as he took a whiff into the air.

"I just made roast beef."

"Yeah that smells good too," he grinned and Lucy blushed, hugging him tighter. She was glad she wore her good perfume.

"Did you have a good week?" she asked him.

"It was okay but it's better now that I'm home with you. How were things here?"

"Oh same old thing," Lucy was still in John's arms. She wasn't sure how to tell him about the journal. Would he think it was weird that she hadn't turned it into the police right away? Before she could dwell on it too much, she took his hand and led him to the dining area, "I bet you're hungry. I made supper for you."

She could see the hesitation in John's eyes and laughed, "I didn't burn it this time. I promise!"

John shrugged, "I'd still eat it."

She kissed his cheek as he sat down, "Wait right here."

When she returned with several dishes, John seemed impressed.

"Wow Lucy, you really went all out today. It all looks amazing," he praised her.

"I can't vouch for the taste but I hope it comes out good. I followed the recipes exactly."

John smiled at Lucy, "I'm sure they're great." He took a bite of the roast beef and smiled, "It's delicious Lucy."

She clapped her hands in happiness and they both sat at the table. "So what did you do while I was gone?" John asked.

Lucy thought of telling him, "I found a journal that I'm pretty sure belongs to a killer." She pushed the thought back into her mind and answered, "Nothing much. Dillon and I went to Mario's"

John's fork was halfway to his mouth before it stopped, "What?"

"Dillon and I went to Mario's. He was on the brink of a relapse...well he wasn't feeling well so I took him there."

John slowly put his fork down, "Why did you take him? If he's on the brink of a relapse shouldn't his sponsor help him through it?"

Lucy felt uncomfortable, "His sponsor was out of town."

"So he called you?"

"Yeah...why wouldn't he?"

John took a deep breath before explaining, "You're still new to sobriety. What if you ended up relapsing along with him? It's a dangerous situation. Can't you see that."

Lucy put her silverware down as well, "Are you doubting my ability to stay sober?"

"Of course not. I know how hard you're working at it. But let's face facts Lucy. Giving up alcohol is one of the toughest addictions to break.

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