The Difficult One

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Vincent held his hand out for Rebecca which she took since her anger had mostly worn off on the drive to his building. She sighed as she looked up remembering the last time she was here. "Are you coming, Rebecca?" she heard Vincent ask. Looking to the door of the building she saw him waiting for her and nodded. "Dom should be here with Ros already," he said as he pushed the button on the elevator.

Rebecca looked at him in shock, "Dom lives in the building too?" She asked him. Vincent nodded as he waited for her to join him in the elevator.

"I told you my men lived here."

Rebecca nodded. She kind of remembered him saying that. Her anger had made most of what he said seem less important but, she had to admit that he had told her that. The rest of the ride up was silent. Vincent was on his phone the whole time. When they reached his floor, he stepped off. "Follow me," he said without looking back at her. Rolling her eyes, she did as she was told. She was too tired to argue with him anymore today.

"Hey man," Domenico said as standing up from the couch, he walked to the door. Vincent looked at his cousin and the women sitting on his couch behind him. He raised an eyebrow wondering why they were there. "She wanted to see for herself that the girl was okay," Domenico answered the question he knew was coming. He knew that he wasn't supposed to come into Vincent's place without him there unless it was an emergency but, he figured that Vincent would be even angrier if he killed the women who had been bugging him for over an hour about seeing her friend.

"Thank God you're okay," Rosalina said pushing Domenico out of the way and running to stand in front of Rebecca. Looking at her from head to toe, she made sure that she was okay physically before looking at her in the eyes and asking silent questions.

Rebecca laughed, "I'm fine. He didn't do anything besides the whole kidnapping thing," she waved her friends concerns off. Looking at Vincent she glared at him. "So, where's my room?"

Vincent motions for her to follow before turning to walk down the hallway. Stopping in front of a closed door he motions to it. Rebecca looks at the rest of the hallway she realized that the door was right next to Vincent's. There were four more doors further down the hallway, "there has to be a room further from his" she thought. Looking at Rosalina she watched her friend shrug not understanding the look on her face. "Is this the only option?" she asked him. Vincent nodded than smirked.

"If you want to share with me you can just ask," he shrugged. Rebecca rolled her eyes and turned to the door. Opening it, she grabbed Rosalina's hand she pulled her in before turning to look at him with her won smirk.

"Let me know when my stuff arrives," she said before shutting the door in his face.

Vincent laughed quietly he didn't know how she did it but, she made him smile. Straightening himself out, he turned and made his way back to his living room where his cousin had been joined by both of his brothers. "Gio, Rocco," he greeted them before sitting down. He watched as Domenico looked down the hall and then at him. "Rebecca has her locked up in her room. You are safe for now," he reassured him.

Domenico breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God. I needed a break. She seriously doesn't take no for an answer. She also doesn't shut the hell up. Ever," he told his cousins as he flopped on the couch. The men laughed at his comment. "It's really not that funny. One of you should take her to your places and see how you like it."

"Sorry, man. You know Vanessa would be pissed if I brought a woman home," Gio shrugged and laughed more at his cousin.

"Don't even look at me. This isn't my problem," Rocco added. He walked closer to his brother and handed him an envelope, "I just came to deliver this. It was dropped off at the club."

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