Chapter 2 - Healing the damage

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Hey everyone! Before I start I need to ask you all a question: what should I call Janna's mom? I am bad at coming up with names so i'm askimg you guys to help.

Star's PoV

It was a few hours after me, Marco and Janna had our conversation and Marco agreed to sneak out of his house at five to meet at mine so I could heal his wounds. It took him a little persuading but he eventualy accepted his help. Janna and her mother were going shopping and that means Janna won't make everything awkward.

"Star, we're heading out now! See you in a bit!" Janna's mother called.

"Okay! See you in a few hours!" I called back. A heard the door close not long after and saw their car coming out of the garage. As soon as I saw it head down the street I went to the kitchen and grabbed the first aid kit. Thankfully, no-one needed to use it until now.

Marco's PoV

It was nearing four o'clock and it was time for me to put my plan into action. "I'm going to bed." I told my parents.

"You better not be doing anything while you're up their!" They ordered.

"I won't!" I yelled back. I waited awhile because my parents would usually check on me to see if I was doing anything. After around 50 minutes i got out of my bed and silently tiptoed towards my window. Now for the tricky part: climbing down without being noticed. I opened my window quietly and listened to see if my parents were coming up. Thankfully they were still watching TV. I climbed onto my ledge and gripped onto it. After I realised I couldn't climb down anymore, I had to let go of the ledge. Fortunately, our house is quite small so it didn't hurt that much. I peaked in through my window to see my parents still focused on their program.

I left the property and started running down the street towards Star's house. She lived with Janna and I used to vusit her house with my friends alot before I was imprisoned.

Whrn I reached her house, I gave a gentle knock on the door. A few seconds later Star opened it. "Hey, Marco!" She greeted.

"Hey." I replied.

"Glad you could make it. I thought your parents would find you. Actually, how did you escape?"

"I'll tell you inside."

"Okay! Follow me." She grabbed my hand and dragged me through the house. I not going to lie but her hand was pretty soft. Before she managed to pull me to far I managed to shut the door behind me. She took me through a flight of stairs and into (what I presume to be) her room. "So can you tell me how you escaped?" She asked while sitting down on her bed, grabbing a first aid box.

"Alright. It isn't even that long you know."

"I don't care!"

"Alright. All I did was pretend to sleep for an hour so my parents would think I was sleeping. When it was time to leave all I did was climb out of my window."

"What if they go back in while you're not there?"

"They only check for an hour. And even if they did check I used pillows."

"You do realise that rarely works, right?" She told me while taking out bandages and a bottle of alcohol.

"Well, let's hope my parents are dumb enough to fall for it." I chuckled.

"Oh, Marco. For the first 9 hours i've known you, you sure love to look on the bright side, even with your... whats happening to you." She opened the alcohol bottle and poured on a cloth she took from the box.

"Well, I kind of have to. My life is pretty bad at the moment. I'm just glad I only have a few more years of living with them."

Star giggled and changed the topic to what was happening currently. "Marco, i'm not going to sugarcoat it, this will sting! A lot! So take a deep breath and tell me when you're ready." I looked at the stained cloth and took a deep breath.

"Okay. Do it."

"Okay. So where are your injuries?" She asked. I took of my red hoodie and placed on her bed revealing my wounds on my arms.

"There are a bit more than just them."

"Oh." She said staring at my cuts then back to me. "Looks like I might have to stitch some up. So... ready?"

"It can't be worse than my parents, right?"

"Mabye. All I know is this is going to suck." She brought the cloth up to my arm and placed it gently on my arm. The pain, however, wasn't so gentle.

"Ah!" I yelled in pain.

"Sorry!" She continued to move the cloth down my arm. "Marco? Are you sure this was just your parents?" She asked.

"Yes!" Oh no. I hesitated, didn't I?

"Okay. She removed the cloth and pulled out a needle. "Now for the fun part." She said. "This might hurt as well. Just so you know, this is not my fault." She took the needle and stuck it into my skin near one of my wide wounds. It didn't hurt as much as the cloth thankfully.

"Why would it be your fault?" I asked her.

"You know, the... this?" She continued stitching more of the more open cuts.

"Oh, well it's okay. If anything it's my parents fault." She finished by wrapping my arm in bandages.

"Oh. Well that's one arm done, now for the other." She poured nore alcohol onto the cloth and placed onto my skin. I winced again but didn't scream. After that she took the needle and stitched the wounds on the other arm and wrapped it in bandages all while we both stayed in silence. "So," she began after wiping her needle with a tissue. "Where are the other wounds?"

"They're under my shirt." I spoke quickly. I felt my cheeks heat up a bit.

"Well... take it off then." She didn't seem fazed by my statement. I still obeyed her and removed my grey shirt. She examined the injuries and looked a bit relieved. "Thankfully the cuts aren't as deep so no needle required." She picked the cloth up and soaked it once more.

"You know," I began. "You could be a doctor."

"I have thought about that," she placed the cloth on my back. "But that isn't really my style. I'd rather be a cook. Speaking of, you look very skinny. Want me to make you some food after this?"

"What? No, you don't have to."

"I insist." She seemed very serious. She finished my back and motioned me to move around. I did as she told and she placed the cloth on my stomach. "So, what would you like?"

"You know you'll make me feel bad for taking your stuff, right?"

"What do you want?" She repeated. I sighed in defeat.

"To be honest, I don't mind. I could honestly eat anything. But make it small. I don't want to feel bad even more than I already am." She didn't reply. She finished with the alcohol and grabbed the bandage and wrapped it around my chest. "You're not going to make me something small, are you?" She shook her head. "Fine. You're so stubborn and kind you know that? You didn't have to do any of this you know."

"I know. Now put your shirt back on and follow me." She tossed me my shirt and left the room.

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