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xgremlin I'm gonna give creds to you because you had a Instagram post imagine that I used because I thought it was very creative!


I'm finally exploring social media after a week long break of ignoring it for mental health and to simmer down the excitement of the news.

People had a really hard time understanding that we thought getting married was funny for the vlog, and also is an effective way for David to stay in the US. Although it's the dumbest thing I've ever done, it's also gonna help someone who's put a smile on my face for years. It's the least I could do.

I answered to my family members immediately about what I was doing but I had convinced them I was in love with David which took some time to explain and convince them that I actually was and not joking about it for David's gain.

They're not convinced though but they do think I'm a dumbass. My little cousins were excited for sure and congratulated me but everyone else wasn't so excited. Maybe once they meet David they'll be situated.

Next I went to Instagram which was flooded with congratulations and what not And was filled with positive energy.

I even checked my recent photo that explained the week long break.

I even checked my recent photo that explained the week long break

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(Y/N's username): IM SO SORRY! I'm planning to take a break off social media but of course I have to fess up and declare that the marriage rumors are true. Although I know this is stupid and irresponsible, you must know that I am also both of those things. David needs citizenship and I need company so what's the worst that can happen? I'll be back in a week and your homework is to bother David ,John Krasinski in his office days,and Paul Rudd and how much they all look alike. I love you and please take care of yourselves and see you in a week!
johnkrasinski: Only wusses talk smack and leave for a week
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katyperry: Congratulations! Drinks on me when you get back!❤️
daviddobrik:Finally. We get a break from you
y/nismywife:stole your username,loser
daviddobrik:can I pay you to give me that username?
clarapinto:OMG DAVID
davidandy/n: this relationship better work cause I just got a new ship name.
kendalljenner:have the wedding already we're like dying😘

I smiled at the mess I had created and began responding back to comments and started updating my social media more. Twitter was trending with the news and I scolded myself for being scared of the reactions of strangers and the internet. I admit I was hesitant to disclose so early but I had to for David already had uploaded. The damage was done.

I wasn't sad about it since I liked David and I didn't feel bad about helping a new friend out. I guess David noticed I had liked his comment he left on my post since he called me pretty soon after that.

I saw many,many posts of people taking photos of David and I. For a fake marriage, people were really rooting for us.

I found it funny really. It's not that I think I could do better than David but it's just the fact that he's not in my field. He even joked that he couldn't act for shit. I guess love can be found anywhere.

Not to say that I'm in love but rather just express all outcomes of our situation. I bit my lip as I processed my thoughts.

Fuck, now I sound like I'm in denial about something.

I sighed out as I battled within myself with these thoughts that were invasive. I realized I was still holding my phone that had a edit of David and I with flower crowns. It was cute but the chances of this happening was slim to none. In fact, David wasn't giving clear signs that he was flirting anymore it was just jokes now.

Maybe I had a shot in the beginning but it's kind of over now I guess



I absentmindedly started munching on watermelon about 10 minutes ago and I can't stop now.

I've been so busy with the vlogs that I can't be human without working on them. The only thing that makes me feel human and not some "content creator"bullshitter is Y/N and I already bothered her today with the picture.

I used up my call and attempt of communication so limit myself so I can not look needy. If I look needy,then I might as well wear a shirt that says "high-maintenance pussy" on it.


If she calls me,it doesn't count,right?

I sighed as I gave up on trying to talk to her. It doesn't make sense to bother her with my love. My admiration. You know what? I'd be a fucking delight to annoy her. I'm sure shes not doing anything right now.

I kept trying to avoid thinking about her but I just ended up searching up fan accounts of her and just stalked the living shit out of her.

Now, I know her favorite number.

I don't know what I was doing but then I started liking them(double tapping on the picture) without even thinking. There was one with her and a cute dog.

Her at the beach.

Her with fans.

Her with some guy that I'm totally way better looking than.

I just kept going without realizing that I have people stalking me too. It didnt even hit me until I was looking at the thirty-fifth photo of her. 'Fuckkkkkkk' I thought,'it's way worse because it'll look like I was trying to keep it a secret. If I had gone through her actual photos it would've been out in the open."

Not even an hour went by and people in my DMs were asking why I started liking all these photos of Y/N. Those tattletales are gonna tell Y/N too,just watch.

Be honest with me-deadass honest-am I looking too much into this? Is this just mind games I'm making up that's making myself miserable?

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