Paws Pt. 1 (Tuffnut X Reader)

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Not a request, but inspired by shadowolf05 and their amazing story A Dark Love (ViggoxOC).

In this one shot, you're a wolf-human shape-shifter!

But seriously check out this user's story if you love Viggo, it's super interesting and adorable!


(e/c) - eye color
(c/c) - collar color


The dragon riders were settling in for the night. They were in the club house eating dinner quietly..too quietly. Hiccup quickly realized that this was because Tuffnut was missing. He turned to Ruff and asked somewhat nervously, "hey Ruff, where's your brother?"

"No clue," Ruffnut responded in an uninterested voice.

"Since when does Tuff miss a meal?" Snotlout questioned, just as unsettled as Hiccup. If Tuffnut wasn't eating dinner, he was surely up to no good. But usually, he was up to no good with Ruff, which only made the situation more concerning.

But before anyone could rush out to look for him, Tuff's familiar voice echoed loudly from the entrance of the building. "Guess what I found!" He shouted excitedly.

All eyes turned to him as he walked inside, a night terror-sized creature following timidly. It didn't take long for the others to realize that this creature (you) was some species of wolf. You were quite small for a wolf, with a short, thick coat of cream colored fur. You're entrancing (e/c) eyes surveyed the other Vikings curiously. They looked shocked and afraid.

"TUFFNUT," Hiccup yelled as he got up from the table and backed away. The other did the same. "You brought a wolf home?!"

Tuff smiled and looked down at you. "Yeah," he replied coolly, "isn't she adorable?"

"We can't keep a wolf here, Tuff," Astrid argued.

But Ruff, seeing that you were no threat, backed up her brother. She approached cautiously and knelt in front of you. You cocked your head and extended your neck to sniffed her hair. When she laughed, you pulled back, unsure what that meant. You sneezed abruptly, making a small squeak.

"Aww," Ruff exclaimed. She then stood back up and looked to Hiccup. "Come on, we train dragons," she reminded, "we can totally hand a wolf."

Hiccup hadn't considered that. He sighed in defeat. "Fine," he huffed, quickly adding, "but you have to take care of her, and keep her out of trouble."

Tuff punched the air in excitement. "Yes!" He then reached down and ruffled the fur on your head. Your ears flopped back and forth adorably as he did so. "Come on, (Y/n)," he called, leaving the clubhouse, "our first training lesson will be: Chicken is our friend, NOT food." Though you had no idea what he was saying; you rarely had the chance to talk to humans and use your human form, so understanding English wasn't your strength. But still, you barked happily. You were going to enjoy having this new companion.

• • •

Tuffnut had taken you with him to the Northern Market a few days after finding you. He needed to pick up chicken seed, as well as some things for you. Since he had no idea that you were a human too, yet, he wanted to pick out a collar for you. Ruff, of course, had tagged along.

The twins took their time trying different colors and styles of collars on you. But you didn't mind; seeing them look at you with such excitement made you just as excited. Finally, Tuff settled for a simple (c/c) collar, made from yak-leather. When he strapped it around your neck, you panted and spun around energetically.

"Yup, (c/c) is definitely your color," Tuff confirmed in satisfaction. He then began to walk away from the merchant stands with Ruff. "Come on, (Y/n), time to go home," he called.

There were a few words you'd learned in the past days. One was your name. You'd never had one before, but you liked the one Tuffnut had chosen. Another word was 'home', which you knew meant Dragon's Edge.

But as you followed the twins back to Barf and Belch, you decided that it was time for them to know your little secret. When you reached the zippleback, before Tuff could lift you onto Belch, you changed. His jaw dropped. "WHAT?" He exclaimed.

You looked into his eyes from where you now stood, smiling sweetly. Giving him a small wave, you spoke one of the few English words you'd learned, "hi."

Tuff couldn't take his eyes off of you. Not just because you were apparently a shape-shifter, but because you were the most gorgeous woman he'd ever laid eyes on.

"Woah," Ruffnut breathed, eyebrows raised in surprise, "definitely wasn't expecting that."

You looked from Ruff back to Tuff and spoke questioningly, "home?"

Tuffnut composed himself as best a she could, clearing his throat. "Uh, yeah, home..." He muttered, then asked, " did you just, you know, were a wolf...and now....."

You had no idea what he'd said. Only one word, one you'd heard before, stuck out. "Wolf," you repeated happily.

The twins exchanged a look of shock. "I don't think she can understand us," Ruff observed.

They both looked back to you again. You smiled proudly, and asked again, "home?"

After a moment of hesitation, the twins mounted the zippleback. You climbed up behind Tuffnut and wrapped your arms around his middle for balance. He blushed at the abrupt contact, and the dragon took off toward home.

"We'll have a lot of explaining to do when we get back," Tuff muttered to himself. But he didn't mind whatever lecture Hiccup would have for him later on. The feeling of your body pressed against this back made him happy. And he knew that this relationship would be unique from now on, but he hoped that you would one day feel for him what he was already beginning to feel for you.

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