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This was it.. it was Wrestlemania day. The biggest day in the company and what was sure to be the biggest day in both Colby & Rebecca's respective careers. Hall of Fame had happened the previous night and the two to the surprise of not only many fans but superstars as well sat next to one another without even a second thought.

The morning was surprisingly calm in the Lopez suite. Room service was ordered the night before and delivered that morning. The three sat out on the balcony and ate their breakfast as they looked out at the stadium that was across the street. Olivia, even though new to this whole world knew this was a big day for her father but maybe an even bigger one for Rebecca who would be making history later in the night not only for the company but for women in general. This is what Rebecca had been working towards her whole life.. she deserved it.

"Rebecca" Olivia spoke up quietly as she sat on her father's lap and stole his blueberries

"Yeah?" Rebecca looked over to her

"Are you Nervous?" she asked innocently and Rebecca thought for a moment in silence

"I am" She nodded "but it's a good nervous.. it's okay to be nervous, not scared but nervous is a good thing.. it means that you care"

"You're gonna do great" she said and Colby nodded in agreement

"I hope so"

"Ya know how i know?" she questioned

"How?" Rebecca asked

"Cause you said I'm your Lucky charm right?" she asked and Rebecca nodded with a smile 'And I get to be out there in the front row! You gotta do good with your lucky charm that close to you right?"

"She has a point" Colby said with a nod "You're gonna kill it.. no doubt in my mind. You've worked so hard for so long for this moment tonight.."

"That's enough" she shook her head and looked away as she wiped her eyes "You're gonna get me crying before the day even starts"

"One more thing.." Olivia said and Rebecca looked at her once more and Olivia leaned up and put her little hands to her father's ear in an attempt to hide the secret his was whispering in his ear

"What?" Rebecca asked and she could tell it was something emotional or terrifying that was coming just by watching Colby's reaction to what the little girl was saying to him

"Is that what you want?" he asked her and Olivia nodded "Are you sure?" he asked and now Rebecca was starting to worry about what she was about to hear

"I want to" Olivia said

"That okay with me but you have to ask her" he motioned to Rebecca

"What are you two not telling me?" she was growing impatient

"Go ahead.." Colby nudged her

"You know how you said that there is mothers and then there is moms?" she asked

"I do" Rebecca nodded, recalling the conversation

"I love my mother" she said in a shaky voice and Colby rubbed the little girl's shoulders "but I want you to be my mom" she said and seeing his daughter was having trouble he decided to jump in

"She wants to call you mom.. she wants you to adopt her officially when this whole thing is done" Colby explained and he watched Rebecca's mouth hang open in shock.. she loved the little girl and was beginning to consider herself as a mother figure to her but she never expected the little girl to actually want to call her mom

"Mom sounds to weird.." Olivia said

"You call me whatever you are most comfortable with.." Rebecca said "but as far as me adopting you and becoming your mom.." she thought for a split second before speaking again "I will absolutely do that" she said and Olivia smiled as she went from Colby's lap to hers

"Hell of a way to start this day.." Colby said as he shook his head and Rebecca nodded in agreement

Wrestlemania day was alway hectic, it was chaos and nervousness all day but this one felt different.. it felt almost right.. like everything was falling into place. The three got to the venue early and went to their respective media obligations while the other stayed back with Olivia. Olivia met many of her "Aunts & Uncles" that day as well.. she was closest to Roman who had taken an immediate liking to her.. Dean was one she had learned to annoy that day just by following him around.. he would pretend to be annoyed when he would turn around and see the little girl standing behind him with a smile but would immediately melt at the sight of her and that process continued throughout the day.

It was time for Colby's match and Olivia was forced to stay in the back with Roman during that one. Colby absolutely refused to have her out there during that. She had to say her goodbyes to Rebecca as well as she went to prepare for her own match.

"Bye.." Olivia said as she hugged Rebecca, careful not to mess up the makeup she had watched the ladies work so hard on that day

"You have fun out there.. I want to hear you screaming when I come out" she said and Olivia nodded

"I'll be the loudest one" she said with a smile as Rebecca placed her down on her feet "Bring it home!" Olivia stated and Rebecca laughed

"I'll try my hardest" she said with a nod

"Good luck Mama.." Olivia said smoothly and Rebecca nearly broke right then hearing that word for the first time but she had to fix her emotions and go do her job

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