Chapter 5: Invisible

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Author's Note: Just a warning that there's quite a bit of bad language in this one and I would like to point out that I apologise to Robin Bengtsson for making him such an arsehole. It's for AU purposes and I love him really.

When Klemens made full eye contact with Matti and Einar when meeting up with them at the end of the day, each of them new exactly what they'd gotten out of their plan. Mikolas loved Ari. It was so clear on this one occasion compared to any of the other clues they had attempted to gather that Einar had to assume Mikolas had been letting it build up inside of him for god knows how long. But he stayed his silent self seeing his friends had most likely came to that conclusion too.

"It went too far, Matti, like he was screaming at me. Everyone in the hallway was staring!" Klemens cried, regretting ever being involved.
"You mean... a ton of people saw?" Matthias questioned.
"Yep. About 25. 30? 35!?"
"Did you recognise anyone in the hallway? Anyone who'd cause trouble?"
"I mean I haven't really got to learn too many names." Klemens thought, going back to that moment, seeing the hallway full of students staring, trying to recognise faces. "Umm- Elina Born from History class and her boyfriend Stig. Alex Rybak- that guy who plays the violin, Nadav Guedj, Lena Meyer-"

"Did you say Lena Meyer?" Matti exclaimed, his breath quickening.
"Yeah, why?"
"She's insanely popular! She's gonna spread that incident like no tomorrow!" He began to think of what he could do.  He felt as if this was his fault after all, being the one to come up with the whole matchmaking scheme in the first place. He had to think. He could use his intimidating appearance to his advantage in this situation- like many others- seeing as that helped him get a lot of places in life. "Right, I've got some kind of loose idea, but I'm doing it on my own. As a kind of apology for dragging you guys into this. I'll see you tomorow!" And with that, they took off to their homes.

Lena opened her locker, grabbing a spare pen quickly before her next class. As she was about to shut the locker door, she caught sight of a tall, dark figure in the view of her mirror, stuck to the inside of the door. She immediately turned around to face him.
"Tell me exactly what you saw yesterday." He glared at her, trying his best to appear menacing.
"You what?" She replied, confused and unfazed by his crazy appearance.
"You know what I'm talking about. Mikolas Josef."
"Ahh him. Yeah he had a total outburst in the middle of the corridor at break. Guy's got boy problems, huh?"
"You better not have told a single person about that incident, you hear me?!"

He was desperate to get a little more of a response out of her but not even raising his growling voice prevailed.
"Jeez man. Y'know I'm gonna be late-"
"You haven't answered my question!"
"I hear you, okay?! There's no need for me to tell anyone about it anyway. Everyone's heard it by now. You're a little too late. At least one person's told all their friends."
"Who would've done that?" Matti was so intrigued and desperate to fix his mistakes that he was not expecting the sudden loud ring of the bell.
"Great!" Lena sighed angrily. "You've made me late, asshole." She snapped the locker shut and ran down the hall. He was already too late. Mission unaccomplished.

Mikolas had been silent since lunch the day before. For once in his life, he hated having eyes watching him as he walked down the hall, this time because they all were thinking the same thing. They mocked him inside their heads, or whispered to their friends about him. He pulled the hood of his hoodie over his head, wishing he was unrecognizable. Wishing he was invisible. Everyone knew what he'd said- it was as if he'd yelled his thoughts out to the world with no filter, exposing his every insecurity. He trudged into the boys locker room, ready to change into his sports wear for P.E. He immediately felt the room fall eerily quiet as he did and it stayed that way till he left.

As he finished his 2nd lap on the running track, Mikolas stopped for a break. He sat on the grass, sipping his water and trying his best not to reflect on the events of the day before.
"Hey, Josef"
He recognised that voice anywhere, the smooth, deep, mocking voice of Robin Bengtsson.
"What is it?" He grunted, wishing he'd be miraculously swallowed up by the ground beneath him.
"You never told me you were a- y'know, a queer?"
Mikolas began turning red with embarrassment and almost shame as robin and his friends chuckled. "What's with that outburst you had yesterday? What a love confession and a half! You're so dramatic, I don't know how nobody knew you were a fag."

"Hey, back off!" Miki was startled through his near tears to hear another familiar voice, a much more friendly, caring one.
"Hey, look who just rolled in!"
"I said back off, bastard!" Kostya yelled, fists clenched in rage.
"Look what we have here! Mikolas' little buddy coming to save the day." Robin rolled his eyes at his seemingly harmless opponent.
"You have 3 seconds to get your privileged, whiney little ass away from Mikolas before I give you what's coming for ya." He growled at him.
"Oh really? I'll count for you." Robin tutted, staying put. "3, 2, 1. Looks like y--" he was interrupted by a blow to the head knocking him to the ground. Mikolas was shocked. He didn't know Kostya had it in him yet he was proud to be stuck up for.
"Looks like I what? Know a thing or two about how to take shitheads like you to the ground? I think so too."
Robin got back onto his feet, enraged by the way he'd been treat- for the first time ever, he'd been stood up to. And by a lonesome goth kid?!

"Oh have you gotten yourself into deep shit!?" Robin screamed lunging at Kostya. Within seconds they were kicking, punching, biting and screaming at each other. The P.E coach immediately ran over pulling them apart in front of a completely astonished Miki; lost for words at what had just happened.
"Are you out of your minds?" Coach yelled, pushing them apart as they reached and pulled and clawed for each other- blood running down Kostya's face and Robin's shirt ripped right down the chest. They were sent straight to Principal Serduchka's office no question, leaving Mikolas- their first eye witness to be questioned immediately.

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