Til Death: a Death and all his friends story

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Mr. Hondo was your average business man. He was living an average life, he had friends, family, a good job, but then that fateful day came. He stepped off the curb, and got hit by a bus...well at least that's what the mortals saw.

In the spiritual world on the other hand...as Mr. Hondo starting walking down the street a figure in what appeared to be jeans and a t-shirt stepped out of the shadows and started following Mr. Hondo. He had dark wings that contrasted with his green eyes, a strong jawline and a look of utter determination. As Mr. Hondo stepped off the curb a timer above his head hit zero. Knowing this to be his cue the figure stood behind him and pulled what appeared to be a pocket-knife out, when opened though it was revealed to be a small scythe. The figure raised the scythe above Mr. Hondo. He saw the look in the poor man's eyes as the bus made contact. The figure whispered "I'm so sorry" and brought the scythe down and separated Mr. Hondo's soul from his body. He delivered the blow with a clam sense of duty proved who he was, the angel of death.

"Another one bites the dust eh" a winged man in armor said as he descended down next to the figure. His hair a golden blonde, blue eyes, he looked pretty odd standing next to a reaper, but the look on his face showed sincere friendship.

"Ya, third one straight to hell this month Raphael." Death replied

"Don't I know it," Rapheal replied rubbing the back of his neck "but you just have to send the soul on Death. Me and my squad have to try to bring them to salvation. Michael is so pissed at me." He looked at Death's t-shirt "what the heck are you wearing?"

"It's a band shirt," Death replied looking down at the shirt he was wearing, "The Grateful Dead, figured it was appropriate."

"Whatever," Raphael said as he let out a sigh, "we should go back to Heaven see what our next assignment is."

The two spread their wings, Rapheal's white as snow and Death's pure black, and together the two flew back to Heaven.

As the pair began walking down the hall Rapheal heard a voice call his name

"Oh crap it's Michael, hide me Death hide me." Raphael said as he ducked behind Death even though his wings still stuck out.

A girl with wings like Rapheal's walked up to the pair.

"Hey Deseray," Death said, a look of excitement in his eyes.

"Hey why is Rapheal hiding?" The girl said, only slightly amused at the boy's antics.

"Raphael!" A voice boomed down the hall.

"That's Michael, I need to go now, you guys have fun," Raphael said. He began running only to have an angel grab him by the wings. He had a more ornate armor than any of the others, indicating his archangel title.

"Hello Death, Deseray, nice dress by the way, I need all three of you in the assignment chamber," Michael said, "you however, Raphael, get a personal escort,"

A few minutes later Michael dragged Raphael into the meeting chamber where Death and Deseray where already waiting. On the giant screen in front of them were their next assignments. Death and Rapheal were assigned to the same person as usual. Deseray got a new lifer, a person she follows and watches over till they die, The typical assignment for a guardian angel. And of course Michael was put in charge of Rapheal's unit.

"Death," Rapheal called as they left the room. "This guy we got assigned to watch, I worked on him for years he is stubborn as an ox. The only way we're gonna get him saved before he dies is by putting a heart lay. However my unit is one man short to pull an operation like that. Will you be our look out?"

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