Bonus Chapter:3 Little Secret

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"I am giving her some multi-vitamins," she hands me the prescription, "Also I am referring her to a gynecologist, so take an appointment for her checkup."

"Thank you so much," I smile gratefully at her and leaves the clinic with life-changing news.

Unlocking the car, I sit inside it and put the key into the ignition but do not it. My mind is still in a slight haze, everything just seems like a dream. I will not lie, I was waiting for this moment... the moment to start our family. Since the time I realized my love for her, I was sure this is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with, she is the one with whom I want to build my family with, the one with whom I want to grow old with. 

However, when this is actually happening, I can't express how I am feeling. I am happy, I am nervous... I am scared. But above all, the love I feel for her is immeasurable. She has made me eternal indebted to her for walking into my life and filling it with so much happiness and love, which I don't think I could ever deserve.

Every day you make me feel like the happiest man walking on this world, Abigail.

"We are having a baby," I smile and whisper to myself as a tear escapes from my eye, which I hastily wipe.

I can't wait to meet my wife.

When I open the door I am welcomed by the gorgeous smile of my wife. My eyes, involuntarily, travel to her now flat stomach and my lips curl upward in an effortless smile. Before, she can say anything I scoop her in my arms and twirl her around. The house echoes with her laugh, which I gladly silence as I pull her into a long passionate kiss.

"We are meeting just after a few hours, Nathan," she smiles as a light pink tint graces her cheeks, "Not after months," she hooks her arms around my neck.

"I don't think I need to be away for months," I smile down at her, "To hug and kiss my wife," I gently peck her smile.

"Why are you being so clingy?" she lightly pushes me as I hug her again.

"I want to hug you, so I will," I pull her back to me, "So, shut up and let me hug you properly, and do not disturb me," I wrap my arms around her. After a moment she keeps her head on my chest and hugs me back.

This hug is for you, my little one. 

Nobody knows about you, not even your mommy, it is just me and you. For now, let's keep this little secret between Daddy and you. And don't trouble your mommy much.


"How are you feeling?" I ask Abigail, as I pour fresh apple juice for her in a glass. 

For every now and then, I am giving her something to eat and drink. She is not eating much, however, she loves drinking juices. 

"Not good, I feel like I have just stepped down from a rollercoaster," she lightly groans, puts her head down on the kitchen island.

Baby Knight, what I said to you? Don't trouble your mommy!

"Have the reports arrived?" she asks as she lightly raises her head, "I am a not a sissy like you, but I don't like being prodded with needles for no reason," she says as I put glass in front of her.

Don't listen to your Mommy! Daddy is not a sissy. I simply don't like needles.

"I am not scared of needles," I glare at her.

"Yeah, I know," she takes a sip of juice, closes her eyes momentarily enjoying its taste, "It is normal for you to have a constipated expression on your face when you see needles," she says casually, while I shake my head in disbelief.

"How can you think such things?" I ask her genuinely curious, but soon I realize my mistake. The look she is giving me screams, get ready to be hit by a sarcastic bomb.

"Well, there is a thing called a brain," she says seriously, "which is used for thinking, and I use my brain quite often," she slowly nods her head.

"Try using yours too, sometimes. Trust me, it really feels good," her tone drips with sarcasm.

Well, you are an idiot! If you have used your brain then you would have known that you are pregnant.

"I think I am having food poison," she scrunches up her face, looking sick.

"Hey! Don't call him food poison" words fly out of my mouth before I can stop myself. 

"What?" she frowns as she rubs her forehead.

"Nothing, maybe you should rest," I take her hand and help her down the kitchen stool, "I will ask Georgia to bring some food you in our room," I wrap my arm around her shoulder as she leans into me as I lead her to our room.

"No, food," she murmurs, "I don't feel like eating anything."

"You have to eat, Abigail," I sternly say, "You are feeling weak because you are not eating, properly," I lightly stroke her head, as she lies down in the bed closing her eyes.

"Don't fall asleep without eating," I kiss her head, I doubt it will take her merely a few minutes to fall asleep.

"Lie down with me," she says, her sleepy tone confirms my earlier doubt.

Kicking off my slippers, I lie down beside her. She moves back, her back pressed against my chest, and snuggles into me. Then she takes my arm and wraps around herself, getting comfortable. 

Sometimes she just treats me as a pillow, adjusting me the way she wants to, as she sleeps. And I let her do that, I love when she snuggles with me. 

My hand rests on her stomach. Spreading my fingers, I try to cover it as much as I can. Tender smile plasters across my face as Baby Knight is also now part of our snuggles.

"Nathan," she mumbles, after a few moments breaking the calming silence which is surrounding us.

"I love you," her voice sleepy, but still there is absolute certainty behind the words. Then she falls back to sleep, making me smile for the millionth time.

I smile against her neck and place a kiss, as warmth spreads over my heart. No matter how many times, I hear these words, but every time they have the same effect on me. Just like the first time, when she said these words to me.

"I love you, too," I whisper, "Even more than you can imagine."

Daddy loves you, too. And I know your mommy also loves you a lot, even if she doesn't know about you now. You are going to be immensely loved and cherished, my little one.

I gently stroke my fingers on her stomach, hoping our baby would feel some of the love. I know, it is too early and he must be just a tiny pea size. But I want to shower all my love on him, from the very beginning of his existence.


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