Kihyuk 2

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I would say I'm sorry for the 3 Monsta X one shots in a row, but as they're my bias group...I'm not. 


Minhyuk sighed as he listened to their manager going on and on about the plans for the upcoming tour. He knew he should be listening, but he got bored too easily. "Kihyun," he whispered in his boyfriend's ear as he sat up, having previously been slouched over the table.

"What is it? We have to listen to this, Minnie," Kihyun whispered back, knowing how easily his boyfriend got bored or distracted.

"Can I hold your hand? Nobody will notice if it's under the desk," Minhyuk asked, hoping the younger would say yes. Nobody knew that Kihyun and Minhyuk were dating and Kihyun wanted things to stay that way. He was scared of what would happen if the news got out. Minhyuk obviously didn't want his career to be ruined either, but he wished he could publicly show more affection to Kihyun, especially in such a boring place.

Kihyun looked at the other members of Monsta X and the staff. Everyone was immersed in what the manager was saying, but Kihyun didn't want to risk it. "No. Listen," Kihyun shook his head.

Minhyuk pouted, "I'll listen if you let me hold your hand."

Kihyun rolled his eyes, "you're not five. Just listen," Kihyun said and crossed his arms over his chest.

Minhyuk continued to pout before angrily crossing his own arms over his chest, "you're so mean."

"And you're so childish."

"All I wanted was to hold your hand," Minhyuk frowned, "but don't worry. I don't want to anymore."

"Minhyuk, I swear-"

"Kihyun, Minhyuk, can you pay attention?" The manager interrupted their argument and gave the two a warning glare.

"Yes, I'm sorry," Kihyun nodded. Minhyuk stayed glaring in front of him with his arms crossed over his chest. He wasn't intentionally glaring at Jooheon, but it turned out he was.

"Why are you glaring at me?" Jooheon frowned.

"I'm not," Minhyuk said in an aggressive tone, "you just so happened to be in front of me."

"Jesus, someone isn't happy," Jooheon laughed.

"Oh, shut up!" Minhyuk rolled his eyes before jumping out of his seat and storming out of the room.

"He's such a drama queen," Jooheon said, "it was only a joke."

"Kihyun, can you go and get him? He needs to listen to this," the manager asked.

"He wasn't listening anyway," Kihyun mumbled, "but ok," he nodded as he got up from his chair and walked out of the room in search of his moody boyfriend. Minhyuk hadn't gotten very far, Kihyun could see him turning the corner and going into the bathroom at the end of the hall. Kihyun sighed before powerwalking there. He felt pretty bad about not letting Minhyuk hold his hand now, he didn't realise the older would get so upset. As he pushed open the door, he saw Minhyuk sitting on the counter with a frown on his face and his arms still crossed over his chest. "Minnie, I'm sorry." Kihyun only got a glare in response. "Please stop being so moody. I didn't mean to call you childish."

Minhyuk scoffed before jumping off the counter he was currently on and walking over the one opposite, furthest away from Kihyun. "I'm sorry. I'll let you hold my hand if you come back with me," Kihyun said as he walked over to Minhyuk's new place.

"I don't want to hold your hand."

"Ok, well, you don't have to hold my hand, but you have to come back for the rest of the meeting. It's unprofessional if you don't," Kihyun explained.

"Fuck you."

Kihyun stared at Minhyuk in surprise for a moment, "what?"

"You don't even care that I'm upset do you? All you care about is the freaking meeting. It's not even that important! Why aren't I more important to you? Are you still embarrassed to be with me?"

"I'm not embarrassed to be with you," Kihyun stated, "and you are more important to me. I'm sorry for not letting you hold my hand and calling you childish, ok?"

"Why wouldn't you let me hold your hand though? You would have if we were alone," Minhyuk continued.

"Jesus Christ. Minhyuk, I'm sorry! What more do you want me to say?" Kihyun said, trying to not lose his patience, but it was proving to be harder than he thought.

"That you love me," Minhyuk's bottom lip started to wobble, "you barely say it anymore. I feel like you don't care about me anymore."

Kihyun's expressions softened as he listened to Minhyuk's words. "Of course I love you," all traces of anger from Kihyun's tone had disappeared, "why would you think that?"

"I don't know, because you never let me hold your hand or hug you when we're around other people and lately you barely let me do it when we're alone," a tear fell from Minhyuk's eye and he sniffled, "I miss you."

"I'm sorry," Kihyun said for what seemed like the millionth time, but this time he meant it more than before, "I don't mean to, I've just been busy with the upcoming comeback."

"Me too, but I still tell you that I love you everyday," Minhyuk looked at Kihyun with such sad eyes. Kihyun's heart started to break. He reached forward and wiped the tear away from Minhyuk's cheek before pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

"I do love you," Kihyun told him, "I love you so much. If you ever feel like I don't, please tell me because I can assure you that I do."

"W-will you even let me hold your hand at meetings?" Minhyuk asked with large, puppy dog eyes.

Kihyun smiled, "of course," he nodded before pressing another kiss to Minhyuk's lips, "I love you."

"I love you too," Minhyuk smiled back, "even though you're sometimes a meanie."

"I'm not," Kihyun frowned.

"Yes, you are," Minhyuk teased.

"What are you doing? You're taking forever," Jooheon asked as he walked into the bathroom.

Minhyuk and Kihyun quickly pulled apart and looked at Jooheon with guilty faces.

"Arguing," Kihyun blurted out.

"Kissing," Minhyuk said at the same time, earning an elbow in the stomach from Kihyun. Both of their excuses had been the truth.

Jooheon stared at them before rolling his eyes, "well hurry up, the manager is about to kill you Minhyuk."

"Coming!" Minhyuk jumped off the counter with a happy smile on his face. He held Kihyun's hand and they both started to follow Jooheon back into the meeting room. Kihyun was happy to see Minhyuk smiling again and Minhyuk was happy that he got to hold Kihyun's hand again.

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