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Henry's POV:

I've come to see Jacquie every day since she got injured, we've got along great and it feels just like the old times! I'm starting to feel feelings for her again - but I have to break up with Summer before I tell her because I don't want to be a cheat. 

Henry gets out his phone

<    Summer

H - Hi Summer, I need to tell you something.

S - What? xx

H - Well, I feel like we have lost the connection, so I'm breaking up with you.

S - Ok... bye 

At the Hospital:

"Hi Jacquie!" I say, walking into her room with a bouquet of her favourite flowers

"Hey!" She says "You didn't have to." She says, smiling at me 

"I wanted too!" I say "Anyway, I have to tell you something..."

"What is it?" She says

"Well, I, like you... more than a friend..." I stutter

"Me too..." She says, smiling at me, and I sigh with relief, but then her smile turns into a frown

"What is it?!" I say, worried

"I can't be with you!" She says, sighing

"W...Why?" I ask her

"Because your with Summer, and I don't want to break her heart!" She tells me

"Don't even worry about it, I broke up with her this morning." I tell her, smiling

"Well, in that case!" She says

"So are we officially a couple?" I ask and she nods her head, I sit down next to her and kiss her gently, she smiles up at me and says

"Thanks for always being there for me!" 

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