chap 1

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I was just laying on the couch watching k dramas when my boyfriend jin came in , he slammed the door behind him with a loud thud ,causing me to flinch. He then went to our room without even greeting me and locked it behind. " looks like he's having a bad day" I mumbled. I went to the kitchen to make him some pancakes ,he really likes them. After making them, I went to our room knocking the door as I said " babe ?" ......" Jin" ......."jinnie??"
I continuously called him but he didn't answered, I knocked a few more times and heard a loud groan " what the hell is your problem y/n" he said opening the door causing me to stumble a bit but he caught me. I looked into his eyes and saw an irritated look . "I...I prepared pancakes for you" I said taking a step back."aishhhhh you annoyed me just because of some bloody pancakes.... I DONT WANT TO EAT" he said slamming the door shut right on my face. 'Ouch' I made my way back to the couch not wanting to annoy him more . I wondered why he's acting like that . I shrugged it of and continued watching .
It was already 2 am and the door of our room was still locked , I decided not to disturb him and let him sleep .

Time skip
I woke up with a slight back ache ,I soon realized that I was covered with a warm blanket and a pillow was under my head . " maybe he's no longer in bad mood" I said taking off the blankets and ran towards our room . I found the door unlocked and quickly went inside only to find it completely empty. Disappointment filled my face as I walked to the bathroom to freshen up.

Time skip.
Its already been a few days and Jin has been really distant from me , although our relationship just had been there for 5 months but still we shared a loving and unbreakable bond . I wondered what made him so distant from me lately.Being the positive person I still kept on holding my emotions and decided to surprise jin in his studio.
I quickly put on a decent dress with a light makeup and made my way towards bighit . I was right outside his door when I heard sobs , at first I thought that it was jin but when I heard his voice comforting someone , tears welled up in my eyes " come on jihye don't cry , u know that I love you , still have oppa" he said comforting the girl . I didn't wanted to believe that he was cheating on me but the negative thoughts just came up . " come one let's go grab a coffee" he said . I quickly his myself behind the wall as I saw jin and the girl getting out of the room , jin held her hand in his exactly the same way he holds mine. As soon as they left I wiped my tears and left . I was there in middle of the streets walking soulless, I heard the car horns as I gave them a blank look before moving out of their way. I went to the park and sat on the bench still thinking if I should still trust jin . 'obviously I didn't wanted breakup but what if he was actually cheating on me .....but she can be a friend as well.' I sat there for hours. My phone buzzed as I read his message.



I let out a big sigh as I got up and walked towards the home .
I opened the door and saw a worried look on jin's face , 'you've got to be kidding me why does he look concerned ,shouldn't he be worrying for that girl' I rolled my eyes and went straight to our bedroom. Moments later he came in with an angry look on his face " where the hell were you , I was so damn worried for you y/n" he said holding my wrist tight . I just rolled my eyes not wanting to talk about it ." Huh how you r rolling your eyes at me , u r the one at fault and instead of apologizing you r giving me an attitude" I was shocked at his words but decided to remain quiet trying my best to control my tears. That's exactly the fault in me I didn't talk about things that bothers me openly ,having a fear of losing him made me kept my mouth shut. He left my wrist which was now red , jin immediately saw what he did but before he could do anything I slightly pushed him away locking myself in the bathroom.
I took a long shower and tried to relax a bit but it was all too much to handle . I finally decided to stay silent and gave him , SILENT TREATMENT

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