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"Everyone, I have some really bad news!" Henry says

"What is it?" Richelle asks

"Where's Jacquie?" Kenzie calls out

"Well, you know Jacquie and Jack were going out..." Henry says

"Yeah..." All of the troupe says

"He was abusing her... and last night... things got really violent... he smashed a vase over her head... and it knocked her out..." Henry says, trying not to cry

All of the troupe turns around to face Jack

"IT'S NOT TRUE, YOU HAVE NO PROOF!" Jack shouts angrily

"Yes it is, and I do have proof..." Henry says, glaring at him and he walks up to Emily, handing her his phone. She watches the video and everyone hears Jacquie's screams as the vase comes smashing on her head.

"GET YOUR THINGS, AND GET OUT!" Emily shouts at Jack and he leaves studio a. All of the troupe is in shock about what they have just witnessed

"Everyone, rehearsal is cancelled!" Emily says "I have to think over this..." 

All of a troupe leaves, some crying, some angry with themselves that they hadn't noticed what was going on and some not saying anything. 

"Noah, I'm going to go see Jacquie in the hospital, are you coming?" She tells him

"Uh... I don't think she'll want me there" Noah tells Emily, remembering there fight a few weeks ago

"I'm sure she will" Emily says and convinces him to come. 

At the Hospital:

"Hello, I'm looking for Jacqueline Claretta Emerson, I think she was checked in last night!" Emily says

"Hmm..." The nurse says and types her name up on the computer "Yes, she was - she is in room 226" 

"Ok, thank you." Emily replies and they make there way to her room.

"I'll wait outside" Noah says to Emily

"Ok, see you soon!" Emily tells him and she walks into Jacquie's room.

"Jacquie!" Emily says, looking at her pale face, with a mark down one side, and the thick cast she has around her head. 

"What?" She says weakly, looking up at Emily

"I just wanted to make sure your ok! Why didn't you tell me? I could've stopped it before it got this bad!" Emily says

"I... I... he... he... told me that if I told anyone... he would hurt me really bad..." Jacquie says beginning to cry

"Oh Jacquie!" Emily exclaims and sits down on her hospital bed to hug her, Jacquie cries uncontrollably

"I'm sorry..." She says, between sobs

"Don't be! This is not your fault, okay?" Emily says

"Ok..." Jacquie says quietly

"I have to go soon, is that ok?" Emily asks

"It's fine" Jacquie says and then Emily leaves

Noah then walks in 

"Hi Jacquie..." Noah says hovering near her hospital bed

"Look Noah, I'm not in the mood for a 'I told you so' ok?" Jacquie says

"I'm not here for that, I just wanted to see If you were ok!" Noah tells her

"Yeah, well, I'm obviously not!" Jacquie says with some attitude

"I can see that..." Noah says

"Look Noah, I'm tired" She tells him and turns to face the opposite direction

"Ok, I'll go... I'm sorry for... everything" He says and walks out of the room

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