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Lisa PoV

I just told Rose everything and she was shocked. She couldn't believe our boss actually threatened her career to.

Rose: so your really going to break up with Jennie.

My heart is hurting I don't think I'm able to look at Jennie after this.

Lisa: well I have to you have no idea how hard this is I'm breaking because I have end things  with her and I only just got her.

Rose rubs my back trying to calm me down but nothing helps my hurting heart to ease.

Rose: who in the hell would even tell on you. Is there anyone you upset

I shrugged I don't even know right now I can't even think straight

Lisa: I don't even know Rose I feel like everything is just crashing down on me.

Rose: Jennie won't just let you break up with her just like that Lisa

That's true Jennie won't let go of me that easily she won't listen if I say I want to break up she would want a reason, I haven't even made a reason up yet.

Lisa: Mr Yang said I have to break her heart i can't do that Rose but...

My words can't even come out I'm about to lose the love of my life.

20 minutes After talking to Rose...

I had to go back to my studio because Rose was about to start her session so I went back to my studio.

When I got there I saw her. My heart beats rapidly.

Jennie was smiling so brightly. I closed the door She ran into my arms kissing me. I couldn't help but kiss her back I was almost saying bye to her. I was kissing her like it's our last kiss. I mean it is our last kiss.

When we pulled apart jennies smile slowly fated away. I guess she saw the sadness in my eyes.

Jennie: babe what's up

I unwrap Jennies arms from around my neck and placed them back to her sides and stepped away a little.

Lisa: Jennie we should break up

I say without looking at her. I say with no emotion

Jennie: w~what 

Jennie stuttered, she sounded shocked

Jennie: did I hear you right

I nodded still keeping my glaze away from her.

Lisa: yes let's break up I can't do this

I said with an emotionless look still plastered on my face. I have to keep strong I can't break in front of her.

Jennie: look at me Lisa and tell me you want to break up with me

I couldn't bring myself to look at her. I felt Jennies soft hands on my face making me look at her. She had tears in her eyes.

Jennie: tell me your not serious

Lisa: Jennie it's over

Jennie brushes her hands in her hair

Jennie: are you c~crazy Lisa we said I l~love you to each other y~yesterday and now you want to b~break up, d~did I d~do something?

My heart broke even more when she said "did I do something". I'm a horrible person.

I shake my head Jennie wiping her tears away from her face Again I just couldn't look at her upset so I looked away.

Lisa: no J you didn't do anything it's...

I stoped. I couldn't think of anything to say.

Jennie: it's what

Jennie was getting angry

Jennie: why Lisa why are you saying it's over we're not over okay your just talking crazy right now, maybe you need to calm down, get some air or something

I wish I can wipe her tears away but I can't. Jennie was looking at me with a mixture of upset and confused.

I shake my head she isn't going to believe me. I need to say something even if it's not true we can't be together.

Lisa: no Jennie we're over just get out

Jennie shook her head

Jennie: look at me Lisa just look at me you haven't been anything but an emotionless idiot since you came in here

I shake my head

Lisa: I said get out Jennie

Jennie: No Lisa I'm your girlfriend still why are you acting like this You kissed me with so much passion like 10 minutes ago Lisa.

I couldn't do this anymore why can't she just walk away.

Lisa: I said leave Jennie

I look at her while pointing to the door

Jennie: you said you love me was that just some sort of lie Lisa. We had the most perfect night and for some reason your acting like this. Why did you even ask me to be your girlfriend in the first place

Jennie was really mad

Lisa: maybe you were just an easy take Jennie maybe I just wanted to fuck you and that's it I've done what I wanted now go.

When I said what I said Jennie face fell. I felt a sting on my cheek. She slapped me. Hard.

Jennie: don't ever speak to me again Lisa

Jennie eyes had gone red and new tears were running down her face. Tears were falling from my face and she stormed out of the room.

Well done Lisa you went to far and maybe Jennie won't even look at you the same. What I said was untrue obviously if only if she knew the real reason.. I love you Jennie even if how you hate me.

Jennies PoV

I walked outside to the back of the company and just broke down in tears.

Even when Lisa said that to me I still had a feeling she didn't mean it. I feel like she was lying. Almost like she was forced to break Up with me. I mean that kiss we shared was like no other we had before. It was full of emotion.

But what she said shocked me even though I didn't think she meant it. I mean she didn't even look at me For most of the time and if she really meant it why did she tear up, why did it look like it was hurting her a lot more to say.

My emotions were everywhere I just couldn't be here. I texted my dad that I was going to jisoos house because I wasn't really feeling well and made my way to jisoos house so I can drown myself in my own tears while letting all my emotions out.

Why did she do it??? Is this what a broken heart feels like. Lisa broke me but is it crazy that I'm still in love with her. I still love you Lisa even if what you said broke me.

Unknown POV

I was walking into YG dance company to my dance session which was with My baby Lisa. I came here a little early to check in Lisa I looked through the small door mirror and I see her crying. Perfect. Maybe her and her little girlfriend broke up. Even if she's not fired at least she's single and now it's my time to get her.

I got a text from my girls saying they are here so I went outside to join them. See you soon future hubby Lisa. I smile today was definitely a good day.


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