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Jennie PoV

Yesterday it was the best date ever. Me and Lisa finally said we love each other. There is nothing that will bring me down. I was gushing about our date to Jisoo on the way home. It was amazing. I AM IN LOVE. Lisa is the only thing I can think about and I can't wait to see her.

I quickly got ready for the day before I went down to the kitchen I feel a buzz on my phone and smiled brightly at the message I got from my Lili.

💛: good morning J I can't wait to see you at work today. I LOVE YOU.

I blushed, I quickly reply to my love and I walked to the kitchen to see my dad eating breakfast. Normally he would notice me but he didn't he seemed to be acting weird. Like he was thinking about something.

Jennie: morning dad if everything ok

He didn't seem like he heard me. What's up with him he seemed like he was in his own world.

Jennie: dad

I said shaking his shoulder

YG: oh morning Jen

He gave me a small smile and then went into that same thinking face. Weird right.

Lucy: he's been like this since he finished work last night.

Lucy said as she put my breakfast in front of me

Jennie: thanks Lucy

I sat across form him and he wasn't even talking normally we'll talk every morning but he's quite.

Jennie: so is everything ok at work dad you seemed stress

My dad shook his head a little snapping back to reality it seemed.

YG: what were you up to last night

I was a little taken back by the question.

Jennie: me and Jisoo were hanging out at hers after we went to the mall.

My dad nodded slowly while taking a sip of his coffee.

YG: did you have fun

Jennie: the best

I said cheerfully thinking back to what actually happened last night. My dad hummed in response. He must of had a real bad day yesterday.

After we finished our breakfast we headed to the company.

And to say the whole car ride was awkwardly silent was an understatement. He'll feel better I guess as the day goes on.

Lisa PoV

I woke up this morning with the most best feeling. I was in love. We finally said it to each other and I feel like I'm on top of the world.

I was telling Rose all about our date and telling her how me and Jennie said our I love you's.

I texted my beautiful girlfriend a good morning and I'll see her at work today, then I went to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

Lisa: goooooooood morning park chaeyoung

Rose chuckled.

Rose: you seem like your in a good mood Lisa

I smile at her while pouring some coffee in for myself.

Lisa: of course I am and I can't wait to see my nini

Rose: okayyyyyyyy eat breakfast and then we'll go so you can see your girl

I smile when she said that. My girl....

After breakfast I drove us to work.

Rose: what's your schedule like

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