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Like they thought, Colby & Rebecca didn't get answers from either Nancy or Robert regarding Maddie's whereabouts. Nancy continued to fight the fact that her granddaughter would be living with those two "Horrible" people as she called them and she stated she would "Fight them in court" to make sure it didn't happen.

They tried once again to take Olivia with them to no avail. The little girl didn't want to go with them and Colby wasn't about to allow them to take her even if she did. The police were called by the concierge behind the front desk who watched the whole altercation go down and decided it was best to deescalate the situation.

The New York Police Department showed up to the situation 15 minutes later and separated the two couples and took them each to a separate conference room.

"Are You two kidding me?" Colby heard the booming voice of Hunter as he entered the conference room that was occupied by Colby and Rebecca who were sitting in the rolling chairs on opposite sides of the table "You get into an altercation with a couple in the middle of a hotel lobby on the biggest weekend of not only the year but both of your careers? and the cops are called! Do you have any idea how bad that could have looked on us if a fan would have seen that!" he wasn't yelling but the sound and loudness in his voice would be enough to scare anyone away
"We weren't in an altercation.." Rebecca spoke up first "It was a disagreement and honestly they had it coming" she folded her arms across her chest
"it wasn't her fault.. I was the one that pushed it.. I should have just walked away and let it be but my emotions got the best of me.. don't blame her" he said motioning to Rebecca who was shaking her head at him
"No.. I was the one who got carried away.. he was calm through most of it.. blame me" she retorted and Hunter shook his head
"I blame the both of you" he said "Now what the hell is this about a kid.. one of the officers tried to explain it to me but in the jumbled up state he was in I only caught half of it.. which one of you has a kid?"
"That would be me" Colby raised his hand "Didn't know about her until about a week and a half ago"
"Well.. first off.. should I say I'm sorry or congratulations?" Hunter asked
"Congratulations" Rebecca piped up "She's the best thing to happen to him.. even a week and a half in I can see that"
"One of the best things.. there's been a lot to come into my life and change it in the last few days" he smiled at her and she turned away from him to hide the redness that was building in her face

The two explained the entire situation to Hunter. Step by Step, Word for Word and Hunter listened intently to every single word they said. They told him about the marriage, the actual relationship they were starting to build, Olivia, Nancy and Robert, the Lawyers.. Moving.. all of it was spilled out in that room in a matter of minutes.

"Well I will tell you this" Hunter began as he sat back in his chair and looked between the two "This is one hell of a way to start not only a new relationship but a family and having three daughters myself I will tell you there is no better feeling in this world than being a father.." he said to Colby "being a parent" he looked to Rebecca "It's going to be hard.. it's going to be a tough road that the two of you have ahead of you.. the traveling, the shows and the media.. all of the normal stuff that you normally have every single day but you two are about to throw something completely different into the mix.. You're going to have to learn to split yourselves.. There's going to be working Colby & Rebecca who do everything we ask and work their asses off to get what they have and where they are and then there's this new side.. the parent side of Colby & Rebecca.. That side will be tough on some days and the most amazing thing you've experienced on others.. but I'll tell you this right now..' he took a breath before he continued "We will be here" he stated "Me, Steph.. all of your friends.. we will all be here.. it takes a village to raise a child.. and You two have one hell of a village that will be behind you"

Hunter talked to the officers and explained the situation to them once again. He was going to fight for Colby & Rebecca to get Olivia. It worked. The officers came into the conference room and looked at the couple
"Colby Lopez?" The elder gentleman asked and Colby stood up "We've heard both sides of the story and we have talked to Olivia and she explained that your name is on her birth certificate and Robert & Nancy confirmed that.. saying that, they have been raising her for most of her life however as her father and having your name on her birth certificate you do have rights. She legally can go with you if that's what she wanted and we've spoke to her like I said and that's what she wants.. I understand from your boss that you are in the process of getting custody turned over to you.. I suggest you get that done immediately if you want to avoid this situation again" he explained
"Thank you" Colby shook his hand and Rebecca stood up and shook the officer's hands as well
"Can I go see her?" he asked and the officer nodded and led him out of the room

Olivia was standing next Hunter, looking up at him in awe with a smile on her face, he was making her laugh about something and taking her attention away from the situation at hand.
"Olivia.." Rebecca called and the little girl turned her attention from Hunter to the voice she was starting to love. She saw them standing there and immediately ran to them, ran directly into their arms as  they picked her up
"Olivia.. you are a special little girl" Hunter said as he placed a hand on Colby's shoulders "You are very lucky to have two people who love you very much"
"I know" Olivia nodded with a smile before laying her little head on Rebecca's shoulder
"I will see you two tomorrow" he said to the couple and they nodded before he left
"I get to stay with you?" Olivia questioned
"You do" Colby said with a nod
"You're stuck with us now kid" Rebecca said
"Good!" Olivia exclaimed

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