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☆.。.:* the beginning .。.:*☆

the supernatural. they took over in 2048. the year when all humankind went instinct. werewolves and vampires were at the top of the food chain. presidents, leaders, you name it was either one of the two. 

mates, I'm sure you know about them at this point. they are your significant other, your soulmate. now onto hybrids. 

they were co-existing with humans before the rest of the supernatural family took over. some were unforgiving and killed hybrids that had homes and human families. homeless hybrids and those in shelters were spared but they didn't survive long. not in the freezing winters. or the humid summers. so they were extinct too.

 so they were extinct too

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it was cold here. 

back against the thin metal bars of the cage she was in, curled up in a ball, head resting on her legs to be able to fit. only being able to see about a foot or two in front of her, her anxiety is at a maximum. it had never decreased since she was taken, caught, and put in here. she didn't know why, or how long she has been in there for. she can't even remember being taken or caught that clearly. she can't remember anything but being in this cage. 

people with heavy sounding boots would come up and check every so often, bringing small amounts of water and the crusts of bread. was there anyone else in here? was it just her? what did they want from her? 

"somi" a deep sharp voice snaps the apparent 'somi' out of her inner thought and her upcoming anxiety attack. "come" the voice continues, opening the front of the cage, letting it swing open and hit something on the other side, scaring somi. said girl slowly uncurls herself and crawls forward, strange levels of the bars hurting her frail feeling bare knees as she makes her way to the front of the cage.

a cold hand harshly grabs somi by her forearm before dragging her through the seemingly endless darkness. before she knew it, she found sheself in the light. after how long? who knows. 

the unfamiliar brightness hurting poor somi's eyes. the man didn't care and continued to drag her into an all-white room, proceeding to strip somi of her clothes and into some new ones, which were all white. knowing she had no right what so ever to argue or fight back the seemingly dominant and ruthless male for changing her. 

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