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Trigger warning: Physical abuse (Not between Shownu and Wonho. I hate when people romanticize that...)


When Hoseok was growing up, his mother told him that when he found his soulmate he would be happier than he could imagine. She said he would never be lonely and that they would be together for life. Hoseok had been waiting to meet his soulmate for as long as he could remember. His parents were soulmates and they were always happy when they were around each other and he wanted that to happen to him as well. 

Throughout primary school, Hoseok didn't have many friends. His next door neighbour, Minhyuk, would sometimes play with him, but nobody in his school liked him. Hoseok didn't know why. They made him feel small and insecure and he wanted to make them stop but he couldn't. There was nothing he could do to make them like him so eventually he gave up. Things only got worse when he had almost finished primary school. 

When he was 10, his father was diagnosed with cancer. A few months later, he passed away. Hoseok was distraught when he heard the news, but it was nothing compared to what his mother felt. Every night, Hoseok could heard her sobbing in her bedroom. The sound was awful. Every time he tried to comfort his mother it was no help. She cried every night for a year except on the ones where she took too many tablets and passed out before she could. 

When Hoseok was 12 his mother remarried. The man she married was nothing like his father was. Hoseok's father had been a kind man with a warm smile and a big heart. His step-dad was a rude man who only smiled when he was inflicting pain on his mother and Hoseok. When his mother first got married, Hoseok believed that this was her chance to finally be happy again, but after only a month, Hoseok's step-dad started coming home drunk and hitting his mother. He didn't hurt Hoseok at first, but Hoseok couldn't stand by and watch his mother being hurt. He started stepping in and ended up with bruises all over his body. Instead of his mother crying herself to sleep in her bed every night, she started crying herself to sleep on the kitchen floor with blood staining her clothes. Hoseok wished she never remarried.

School was a lot better than home for Hoseok. He still didn't have many friends and people still liked to make fun of him - for the bruises on his face in particular - but Hoseok didn't care. Anything was better than listening to his mothers screams and begs for help at home. As a result, Hoseok started staying at school for a lot longer than he needed. He signed up for multiple clubs and ended up becoming the school's best boxer and the captain of the football team. The boys in his year grew jealous and started shoving and tripping Hoseok when they saw him in the hallway. Hoseok didn't care, it seemed petty compared to what his step-father did to him.

One day, a new boy stepped into the training room where Hoseok practices his boxing. Hoseok had never seen him before, but the minute he looked at him, he knew that this boy was his soulmate. He felt exactly how his mother told him he would. A rush of something unexplainable passed through him, something almost magical, like a cage of butterflies had just exploded in his stomach. The new boy's eyes found their way over to Hoseok and Hoseok noticed how a stunned expression took over his face. Had he felt it too?

The boy started walking over to Hoseok, who wrapped his arms around the punching bag and pulled it close to him, almost as if he was trying to hide. He was tall and handsome, that was for sure, but Hoseok had never considered that his soulmate would be a boy. All these years he thought it would be a girl. He didn't care that his soulmate was a boy, but it was unexpected. "Hey, is this where I try out for the school boxing?" The boy asked. Hoseok could only nod. It was as if he couldn't bring himself to say anything, whether it was from shock or nerves he wasn't quite sure. He was wondering how someone so beautiful could possibly be his soulmate tough. "Thanks," the boy smiled and Hoseok felt as if his heart had stopped, "my name is Hyunwoo, by the way. What's yours?"

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