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Niall's POV

As I slowly open my eyes I see the light shine through the window and Liam in my doorway.

"Morning Niall."

"Good morning." I say in the middle of a yawn.

"Well, time to get ready, we have a photoshoot in an hour!"


Liam leaves and i pick out an outfit to wear for the photoshoot. I pick a red shirt and beige trousers. Practically skipping down the stairs, I head to the kitchen and the smell of waffles fills the air.

"Mornin' Nialler. Why so happy?" Louis says as he notices me skipping.

"I don't know i just feel, suddenly happy." I replied. "And i smell waffles!"

"Okay.. And Harry made waffles."

"Cool." I pilled three waffles onto my plate and poured on syrup.

"Mmmm." I spoked in a muffled voice, with a mouth full of waffles.

As we ate Liam explained where the photoshoot was and what it was for, giving us some information about it.

We all finished getting ready, and just as we were about to head out to the photoshoot there was a knock on the door.

"Who could that be?"

I opened the door and before i could even say a word or reconize who the person was, they jumped up on me trapping me in a hug.


"Oh my gosh! Amy!" I said, soon realizing that it was Amy, my friend who I haven't seen in years. Me and Amy used to go to school together. I picked her up and spun her around. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to suprise you!"

"Well I'm suprised! It's so good to see you!"

All of the sudden Nicky; Amy's best friend walks in. "Hey! I'm not invisible here!"

"Nicky! how are you?"

"Good thanks."

"And hello there cutie." Said Nicky, looking towards Harry. Harry Blushed.

"Um Niall are you goind to introduce us to your friend?" Louis said interrupting our reunion.

"And her friend." Harry added. Silly Flirt.

"Oh sorry, Guys this is Amy; an old friend from school. And this is her best friend Nicky."

"Hello." The boys all said.

"Uh, we were just about to head out to a photoshoot, would you like to come?"

"Sure!" Amy replied in the cheery voice that I haven't heard in so long.

We all climbed into Liam's van and drove to the studio where the photoshoot was taking place. It was nice to be back in the U.K and to be in a familliar studio. And things were actually pretty calm, untill we all stepped out of the van. A crazy heard of screaming fans surrounded us.

"Hey watch it!" Amy yelled being pushed arround by two fans.

I grabbed Amy's hand and ran with the rest of the band into the studio.

"How can you deal with that?"

"Ah, I can get used to that." Nicky says with a laugh.

Poor Amy, She's not used to big crowds. We went to a small school. There weren't many kids there. And now she's been crowded and squished by total strangers.

We're greeted by a lady, who i'm guessing is the photoshoot director. She explains how the photoshoot is gointo go. Then she sends us into hair and makeup, to make us look good for the shoot.

Once we're all ready the director leads us into a large room and onto a stage. It's set up with a blue background. We do some random silly poses and the Cameraman snaps away.

Amy's POV

It's so great to see Niall again. I wanted to suprise him because I missed him and With him being in one of the most popular boybands ever, I was just hoping he hadn't changed.

We were at the boy's photoshoot, they were up on the stage posing for the camera. Me and Nicky sat backstage watching the boys have fun.

"Daydreaming Nicky?"

"Huh, no."

"You were staring at Harry weren't you!" It all makes sense when we were in the car and as the boys were getting their hair and makeup done, Nicky has been staring at Harry. Aw she likes him!


"Oh sure you were Nicky."

"Okay, It's just he's so cute.He's got curly brown hair and dreamy eyes. Who wouldn't fall for that!"

We both start laughing when she goes on and on about his curly hair.

We're inturupted when the director calls over to us.

"Why don't you two get into the shots?"

Whe get up and join the boys.

We all toss around a beachball for a bit and burst out dancing to the music in the background.  The photographer is taking pictures of us and Niall picks me up and flings me over his shoulder.

"Hey!" I yell in a fit of giggles.

"Haha got you!" He says over his shoulder and kisses me on the cheek. This is what I missed. The sweet little kisses on the cheek. Him always making me laugh when i was upset, and that gorgeous smile.

I wasn't paying attention and Harry had picked up Nicky in his arms bridal style. Looks like things are going well for Nicky so far.

When they're done taking pictures we sit in front of a computer to look at the pictures. My favorite is the one where I'm on Niall's back and chasing Harry and Nicky across the room. I ask them to send it to me.

"Who's up for pizza?" Asks Zayn when we're walking out of the sudio.

"NANDO'S!" Classic thing for Niall to say cause he's always hungry and he loves Nandos pizza.

"Is there ever a time that you're not hungry?" Nicky asks jokingly.

"Nope." Niall says popping his P.

"That's Niall for you." Says Harry.

Harry's POV

We just came from the photoshoot with Amy and Nicky. Amy showed up to suprise Niall and brought Nicky with her. I'm glad she did. Nicky is gorgeous and i think i fancy her. And i think she likes me too.


So what did you guys think of the first chapter? I know it wasn't that good of a chapter and it was long overdue but i didn't had writers block for a bit and i've been busy with school, so thats why it took so long! I'm sorry! :( Please tell me what you think, the other chapters will be better ;) Please Comment, Fan, Vote!


- Sam <3

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