Chapter 3: Unexpected Visitor?

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You yawned and stretched your arms wide as you sat up on your surprisingly comfortable bed. You rubbed your eyes and blinked a few times to get rid of the blurriness. You turned and put your bare feet on the soft and warm ground. You stood up and walked to what you were assuming was a bathroom. You opened the door to reveal a small but nice bathroom (Picture above⬆️❤️).

"Huh, better than what I expected."

You muttered as you stepped foot on the cold tiled floor. The first thing you did was use the bathroom because that is what normal people do even though you are not very normal at the moment. Then, after washing your  hands you brushed your teeth (before breakfast NANI?) and took a nice and warm shower. You wrapped a towel around yourself and dried your hair. Perfection! 👌 (Haha it's the GOTTEM sign) you thought as you looked in the mirror. You walked out of the bathroom and into your room. You dropped your towel and opened your- Wait a second. Oh good there are clothes in here. Clothes that I liked to wear in the mortal realm? How did Charli- Nevermind. There were some crop-top hoodies, oversized hoodies, normal t-shirts and normal croptops. As for the pants there were jeans, ripped jeans and black tights. You also had a few undergarments. Noice you thought as you picked out some clothes.

You went into the bathroom to look at yourself in the mirror

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You went into the bathroom to look at yourself in the mirror. (CLICK NOICE 👌) You yeeted yourself out of your room and walked to the elevator. You clicked the down button and the elevator arrived with a ding. You entered and clicked the 'L' button. When the elevator doors opened you were confronted with an orange AKA SEBASTIAN BAILS(Jk). You were confronted with a pissed off Angel.

"Kid, I offered ya' my services for free yesterday and you just RAN away!"
"Do you know what people give to have some fun time with me babe?"

"Is that gay I hear? I think it is!"

"Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I can't pleasure myself with fucking girls from time to time!"

"You're gay dude, go find yourself a boyfriend and stop trying to fuck me."

You said as you walked away. Angel caught up to you while grumbling about 'you being an idiot' or somethin'. You both entered the cafeteria and sat at a table 4 4. (See what I did there for four???) Suddenly, a chef appeared out of no where.

"What would you two like for breakfast?"

"Wine flavored pancakes."

Answered Angel while checking his phone.

"And you miss?"

"Oh, uhh. Vanilla pancakes?"

"Comin' right up."

(Time skip to after breakfast and after Charlie sings at 666 News and the limousine scene and shit)
(Kinda Charlie's POV but in narrative form)
Knock Knock
Knock Knock

Charlie looked surprised and opened the door. There stood the infamous radio demon. He opened his eyes,


Charlie immediately closed the door. Although, opened it again to make sure she wasn't hallucinating from all the stress.


She closed the door again. Yup, definitely not hallucinating. She quickly ran over to Vaggie.

"Hey Vaggie."

Charlie said nervously while sweating.


She said with her head on her forehead, trying to get rid of her headache by massaging it.

"The Radio Demon, is... at the door."

Charlie said giving a nervous grin and then dropping it almost instantly.

"WHAT?! Well don't let him in!"

Charlie looked at Vaggie and then at the door with a determined look. Charlie walked over to the door and opened it. He was still there.

(Time skip to after Vaggie threatened him with a spear)
(Back to (Y/N)'s narrative POV)
"Now I'm here because I want to help!"

"Yeah, sure."

You muttered sarcastically and quietly. But everyone in the room still heard you.

"See (Y/N) agrees with me!"

Yelled Vaggie. You raised both of your brows and said,

"That guys literally on every single wall with a 'Beware' text under him. I mean, I don't know shit about him but he seems like trouble."

"Dear, I believe that people can change."

Alastor said gritting his teeth.

"Don't you?"

He tiled his head innocently to the side. You glared at him with half-lidded eyes.

"Can I turn the volume of your voice down? Ya know, since your voice is literally a fucking radio?"

Alastor completely ignored your hateful comment and turned towards Charlie with an ever wider grin.

"Charlie, I believe we have things to discuss."

You didn't like this Alastor guy, not one bit.

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