Chapter 12

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Breath of Fresh Air

"Oh Moneē didn't mention how handsome you were."

"Yeah he's a real looker,"Latisha agreed with her aunt. Latisha was Moneē's favorite older cousin. Everyone has one.

"Thank you,"Noah smiles. His palms were a little sweaty and wet from the can of soda Moneē's granddaddy had given him. They heard her shoes click with each step. Noah's breath caught in his throat. God she was beautiful.

"Woah," was all he could say. Moneē's hair was long and straight, her deep purple romper showed of her full figure, and boy her legs-

"You look good yourself," Moneē said.

"Thanks, I look wow."

"Thank you." Latisha and Moneē said at the same time. Moneē cast her a look.

"Yes her lovely silk pressed hair and makeup done by yours truly." Latisha pulled out a couple of her business cards and handed them to Noah. "Tell your friends."

"Will do." Noah said. Her grandparents took pictures  of them together along the way from the living room to the front porch.
"Grandma we're going to be late. I'll call you we go get something to eat." Moneē kisses them bye and got in the car with Noah. A silence fell over them.

His eyes were in the road, and she took that opportunity to look at him. His shirt was unbuttoned, cause apparently he doesn't do ties, he was wearing small gold chain. Mmm...yes she could look at him all night. A smirk spread on his face.

"You checking me out?"

"Maybe," Moneē said.

They pulled to the school parking lot and walked in.

"Is it just me or being at school after school hours hit different?" Moneē said.

"It does feel different. Better for sure." Noah agreed. Noah nodded and made small talk with people that he knew and introduced Moneē to them.

"Girl! You look hot!" Daisy hugged her.

"So do you." Daisy had her hair styled into a low bun with one of those cute dresses that show some midriff. The DJ started playing the music louder and people made their way to the dance floor.

Noah, Daisy, and the rest of the group went to dance.  Moneē refused to go. Not that she couldn't dance, she just wouldn't dance with all these people around. On the other side of the cafeteria where there was a photo booth, drinks, and refreshments, she spotted Amoni. She was with Drew, and his friends and Daisy has made her way over to say hi.

Moneē clenched her teeth. Amoni was smiling and laughing. Maybe everything Amoni said was true. Amoni didn't need her, and maybe things would be easier if Moneē wasn't around. She looked happier, just like she said she would be.
"Roberts what's wrong?" Noah put his arms around her.

"Nothing." She put on a smile.

"Come on. Dance with me?"

"Mmm...nah you go dance." The DJ started playing the line dance songs.  Like the cupid shuffle, and the wobble.

''Nope you have to cupid shuffle,'' Noah's arms were still around her.  How could she deny him. His hold was weakening her.

''Fine." Monee rolled here eyes, "but put your arms down. People are staring." Noah dragged her out onto the dance floor and she didn't leave for a while. They did the Wobble, the Stanky Leg, and the all the other dances they had been doing since they were since they were kids.

"I'm going to get something to drink come with me?" Daisy asked. Moneē nodded and followed her through the crowd to the other side of the cafeteria. They had blue kool aid mixed with pineapple juice and chunks.
"You know what's crazy, we pretty much clubbing." Moneē pointed out.

"Girl what?"

"Look there's a whole group of girl twerking, the lights are dim, the strobe light and a DJ, it's a club for like high school." Daisy laughed and agreed.

Noah called them over to the photo booth that was a backdrop border with blue, black, and white balloons. They got a couple pictures with group and and some by themselves. Amoni and Drew were next in line. Then Daisy grabbed them both and forced them to take a picture together for their grandma, and one with Daisy. Even if Amoni and Moneē weren't cool, they still were Daisy's friends. But after that they parted ways again.

Moneē was about to apply some more lipgloss when Noah kissed her cheek. Location by Khalid played. Moneē put the gloss in her pocket and let him take her into his arms. At first she wasn't sure where to put her hands, or where to look. She couldn't believe they were slow dancing. It was a great song to slow dance to. His eyes were so beautiful. Noah kisses her forehead.

"You look amazing Mo," Noah said. Mo? She liked the sound of that.

Moneē sat next to Noah and Daisy. She was happy to have her there. Jody Parker looked nice. And she kept looking at Moneē. Moneē stares back at her until Jody rolls
her eyes.

"She keep rolling her eyes they gonna get stuck like that." Moneē quoted saying that all Black moms and grandmas said.  Daisy snickered. The waiters brought the bread sticks, it wouldn't be Olive Garden if they didn't.

"You know she's had a crush on Noah for the longest."

"No, for real? I thought she just ain't like me cause I called her out in class. Either way we know that Noah like chocolate not vanilla." Moneē flips her hair playfully.

"No I'm just saying that white girls don't have to wear like extensions and stuff like that. We're natural." Jody said.

"That's not true. There are plenty of white girls who have extensions and sprays tans. That's not natural." Daisy spoke up. Jody just shrugged her shoulders.
Moneē exchanged looks with one of Noah's friends Emmy, yes like the award. She was really pretty, with curly hair, brown skin, and glasses. They both shared the same expression and thoughts in that moment. Did those words really just come out her mouth?

"So what you want to eat?" Noah asked her. Noah was bouncing his leg under the table. He did that when he was nervous. His mind was racing, and he was trying make sure it didn't show. were his parents fighting right now? Should he just call to check in? No if something had happened at the house Lucy would've called.

"Hey, you good?" Monee asked, she held his hand.

And for the first time in a while he said "yeah, I'm good," and meant it.

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