When and how you two hug

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Some of the characters might be OOC (Out Of Character) so sorry for that.

I won't say what gender you are, what type of ghoul you are or such info. That's all up to you. You can choose whether you wanna be a Werewolf, Ghost or something else.


She gives awkward hugs. She will hug you only if she feels sad or if your sad. She finds it embarrassing to hug you in public. Sometimes her hand gets loose so both will have to spent minutes trying to catch it.


She likes to hug you when she sees you. Her hugs are always filled with love and joy. But when you hug her, she feels nervous because you barely hug her so she will automatically think something is wrong. So you just let her be the first one to hug you.


She isn't a big fan of hugs. So hugs are barely given. If they are given, your the one to hug her since she wouldn't do it first. She will just hug you back quickly then leave.


She will hug you whenever she wants. When she sees you, around her friends. Her hugs are more to show everyone your hers and nobody else. She is very clingy.


She likes to give you hugs. Her hugs are so comforting and kind. Can just feel her kindness in the hugs. She will hug you whenever she sees you as a way of saying hello and when she leaves she will just a quick hug then leave.


Her hugs are slow so you will always be first to hug her. She barely gives hugs. You don't know why but think it's because she just isn't the type to hug people.


He likes to give you hugs from behind to surprise you. He likes to see your reaction because he finds it cute. When you two hug, you always need to be careful not to knock off his glasses or else will get turned into stone.


You like to hug him since he is so tall. You will randomly hug him which will make him chuckle then hug back.

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