Surprise Limb

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Clementine POV

Loosing half of a limb can have devastating effects on a person. Not just physically but psychological too.
Well, Clem has been without half a leg for several weeks now.
AJ had chopped it off after receiving devastating wounds to it, including a walker bite. It saved her life.

Due to the lack of limb, Clem was deemed unreliable by the group to leave school grounds. It basically rendered her useless. She would come up with plans and tell the boarding school kids important survival tips, but Clem wanted more.
Being stuck inside a brick wall wasn't what she wanted for the rest of time. She'd prefer anything over that.

Noticing her sad mood at dinner, AJ began to sulk. "What's wrong Clem?" He asked, from concern.
Messing with the remaining food in her bowl, Clem forced a smile on her face. "Nothing's wrong goofball." She said simply, putting on a brave face.
"Oh. You just seem sad." The boy stated innocently.
"No, I'm okay. Just an off day." Clem said in reply, never looking up.
AJ felt his own mood flatten. He knew it wasn't just an off day, since she's acted like this for weeks. "Oh, okay." The dark boy mumbled.

Wanting to bring the mood up, Louis pulled out his trusty deck of playing cards. By now, several kids had finished dinner and we're just chatting. That included laughter.
Shuffling them, he spoke cheerfully, "Who's up for a game of truth or dare? Just like good old times." Louis aimed his plan to anyone that wanted to play, but mostly hoping his girlfriend would stay.
"No thanks, I'm going to go to bed." Clem muttered, dismissing herself from her half eaten bowl of food. And she never left food behind, saying it was a waste of precious resources.
AJ looked up to his closest father figure, confused. Louis just shrugged in reply, just as confused.

It was only just sun set. Which meant it wasn't fully night time yet. But, Clem was heading to bed already.

Regardless, the card games went on and people played well into the night. It was a nice change, rather than remembering all of the recent deaths and fighting. The lose of Tenn, Mitch, Brody and Marlon could still be felt at times. Especially on dark evenings.
Omar, Aasim and Ruby were the first kids to hit the hay since they were the hunting party for tomorrow.

Remaining was, Willy, AJ and Louis. They had briefly some earlier about a plan. It was a surprise for Clem.

"Right boys. You know the plan?" Louis whispered, not wanting to wake the others.
"Yes boss." Willy replied, growing excited.
"This is going to be so cool. Do you think she will like it?" AJ questioned, growing concerned.
Louis nodded his head, messing around with the wooden supplies. "Of course she will, little dude."
The dread head continued, "Now boys, let's get started."

Louis POV

The next morning, it was only Louis remaining outside to finish the job. He sent Willy and AJ to bed hours ago, since they were struggling to stay awake. That meant, the dark circles under his eyes were easily explained.
Adding the finishing touches, Louis grabbed his coats collar and grinned. She was going to love it.

Hastily, he went to wake up his other accomplices so they can give it to their new leader.

The dread head strolled to the corridor with everyone's dorm rooms, with AJ and Willy right behind him.
"Right, remember the plan?" He asked, looking at the smaller boys, creation in their hands.
Willy nodded, while AJ said "Yes."
"Good." Louis simply said too, before knocking gently on the door. He ensured the others were hidden, as well as the recent invention. They all wanted it to be a well deserved surprise.

After getting a voice saying "Come in.", he entered.
"Knock, knock!" Louis chirps when entering the girls shared bedroom. He was undoubtedly in a good mood.
Sitting on the edge of her bunk bed, Louis could see one of the girls precious crutches were broken. The lower half of it was in two pieces, from bring old.
Clem had a right lipped smile on her face, but didn't look happy. She just looked devastated.

"I'm not going to last long without these, am I?" She spoke, referring to the crutches. Her tone of voice was hushed, reflecting sadness.
"Oh, I'm sorry darling." Louis said with sympathy, sitting next to her.
Before he could reveal the surprise, his girlfriend spoke again. "It's like I can't get a break recently. And I hate self pity."
Grinning, Louis replied "Well, it's a good thing that AJ and Willy have a well prepared surprise for you."
"Come on boys." He then said, signalling the pair to enter.

Her attention perked at that call. This was due to being unexpected.
Lifting her head, Clem saw the two youngest boys holding something in their hands. It was a piece of wood, perfectly crafted and sculpted. On one end, there was an old leather belt while the other end was shaped similar to a foot.
Ironically, it was painted in an orange colour.

"What have you all been doing?" She asked in suspicion, narrowing her eyes.
"We made you a new leg!" AJ chanted in excitement. The secret was now revealed.
Willy passed over the prosthetic to Clem, giving her a better view of it. She was shocked.
On the top portion of the wood, was her name. It was perfectly carved in the material, showing that it was hers. On the back, were the names 'Goofball', 'Willy Jr' and 'Your favourite piano boy'.

Louis just grinned. "The boys wanted to make a new leg for you. They found all of the supplies and instructions. All I did was decorate it." He shrugged, explaining last nights events.
"It was super fun to make." Willy chirped.
"Do you like it?" AJ asked, since there was a lack of response from the girl.

The entire time, she was beaming. It was the first time in weeks that she looked genuinely happy.
"Oh my god. I don't know what to say." Clem spoke with a smile, looking at the three boys faces. Continuing she said, "It's amazing. Thank you."
Bouncing up and down, AJ spoke in amusement "You can walk again now! Without the wood arm legs."
"I sure can kiddo." Clem beamed, strapping the new prosthetic to her left leg.

Once satisfied, she attempted to stand. It was the first time in weeks that Clem had stood with no aid. No aid from anyone else, or crutches.
"Thank you so much." She said, feeling happy tears spill from her eyes.
"Don't cry Clem." AJ whined, hugging her lower body.
Hugging him back, she let out a little laugh. "I'm crying because I'm happy, not sad." She explained.
"That's confusing." He mumbled against the fabric of her jacket.

Looking up at her boyfriend, Clem reached to hold Louis's hand. He happily took it, with a smile on his face.
"If you fall, I'll be here to catch you. Even though you already fell for me." Louis winked, squeezing her delicate skin.
"Idiot." She whispered at his dumb comment, to no one in particular. What a charmer. There was no denying that Louis's support was part of the reasons she kept going.

Taking a step forward, the short girl took a slight wobble from the new feeling. It was an unusual sensation, being able to walk but not feeling the lower leg.
"I've got you." Louis responded, grabbing onto her waist for further support. Clem gave him a slight smile, showing her appreciation.

Step by step, Clem had managed to build the confidence to be able to walk alone. There was no one needing to support her. She was starting to get the hang of it, and swiftly.
By now, she had managed to reach the front door of the dorm building. It was the first time we had walked, alone, in weeks. It felt like so long.

Sneakily, Louis had followed her on the way there. He snaked an arm around her waist, bringing her closer to him.
"I love you Clementine." Louis whispered, hiding his face in the girls curly hair.
"I love you back." She replied, with a happy smile on her face for the first time in weeks.

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