Chapter 94.

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"Anything that you ask
I will give you the love of your life"


"You three did fucking WHAT!" Harry bellows, clenching his fists by his side as he glares at us; standing there like three delinquents that just got sent to the principles office.

So, Harry saw my hand.

He's taking it well.

We are standing in the living room like the three sheepish stooges we are, while Jimmy holds out a peace offering of a Happy Meal between his hands.

"Does someone want to explain to me why the fuck you went to David's office and why the fuck her hand looks like that!" Harry shouts, pointing to my hand I'm holding against my chest.

I don't think I broke anything, it's just a bit red and swollen and I think I cut one of my knuckles on David's teeth. I didn't realise punching someone hurt so much.

Jimmy looks sideways at me, at the same time Steve does; and Jimmy nudges me with his shoulder "Go on, you tell him peaches"

Are you fucking serious? What so you're just throwing me under the bus with this?

I glare at Jimmy and he gives me a nervous smile, whispering through his teeth "You're the only one he won't literally kill out of the three of us, so take one for the team"

I huff, giving Steve and Jimmy an unimpressed look as they both dart their eyes away and look around the room, all that's missing is the whistling.

Big bad dangerous wusses. The lot of you.

I step forward towards Harry, who looks absolutely livid but I catch the glimpse of hurt on his face when he looks to my hand.

"Harry just... Just listen okay? Yes we went to Davids office - but we had a good reason. I had a good reason." I say holding my hands up, trying to placate him.

"I don't care what the reason was Abby! You could've gotten hurt and these two..." Harry snaps, pointing to Steve and Jimmy "Fucking know better. They should have never taken you there"

"Told ya he'd throw a tantrum" Steve pipes up, lifting his brows at Harry and Harry grits his teeth, growling in the back of his throat at Steve.

"You know what's great for tantrums?" Jimmy adds, shaking the Happy Meal in his hands "Chicken Nuggets - they make everything better"

Harry looks like he's about to blow a blood vessel in his forehead as he goes to launch towards them; but I block him and press my hands against his chest, wincing and cussing under my breath at the sharp pain in my hand.

Harry freezes; his eyes darting to my hand as he grasps my wrist and pulls my hand up to look at my knuckles while he frowns "What the hell did you do? How did this happen? Did he hurt you?"

"She punched David in the face" Jimmy answers but it sounds muffled, and I look over my shoulder to see the Happy Meal box now open, and Jimmy shoving chicken nuggets in his mouth and he shrugs his shoulders, mouthing 'what? I'm hungry'

Harrys eyes widen as he looks at me when I dart my eyes back to his face, his anger being stifled by shock.

"You what?"

"Yeah, and she smashed a bunch of shit in his office with a sledge hammer - she's hot as hell when she's angry, nearly converted me" Jimmy answers again, with a mouth full of food, casually dropping a nugget on the floor for Ludo.

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