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after a minute, the bell rang. the crowd thinned, and yoongi's already far from the boys. jimin gently pushed himself away from jungkook's protective hug, and bowed lightly at jungkook's friends.

"i want to meet you later at the break, okay?"

seokjin, apparently the oldest, spoke and patted jimin's head like a pup. they left together, having the same class. "i'm sad." jungkook mumbled, "why?" , "because we don't have the first class together~" jimin laughed at the sudden change of attidue.

"it's okay, i'm sure i can survive."

"well, i cannot!"

"aish~ just go ahead to your class, we're already late– oh my god! i'm late!" jimin scurried away, but soon was stopped by jungkook who insisted he'll walk him to his class.

"bye! go now! you're late!"

"it's okay!"

as soon as jungkook left, the teacher noticed jimin outside of the room. "oh! there is our new student! please come in!" jimin looked down, not wanting to look at his classmates, because apparently, he's already intimidated by their stares.

"please introduce yourself."

"i'm park jimin, please treat me well.." he thanked god that he didn't stutter. "mr. min, please raise your hand." this time, jimin looked up to see who his seatmate is, and was shocked at who it was.

it was the mint hair!

"he will be your seatmate, now please sit, so i can teach."

jimin once again, looked down while hearing what his classmates are whispering about, while he's walking towards his assigned seat, that is right beside the mint head.

"oh my god! look at his face! it's so cute!"

"i don't mind his chubby cheeks!"


"damn, look at that ass."

"bet i can go to his pants in a week."

"bro, he's friends with jeon jeongguk."

"lol do i look like a care."


"jimin-ssi!" the said man turned his head to jungkook, who is waving at him happily. he smiled at him gently, swinging his backpack go his arm.

"uh.. hey!" jimin's smile dropped down as he turn around, only to meet a smiling man. "uh.. h-hi." his voice is small, but loud enough for the man to hear.

"wanna hang out? i'm—"

"sorry, we had to go." jimin felt a hand creep to his waist, making him look over to his side, that revealed jungkook. the man felt intimidated by jungkook, and almost immediately he said he understand, and walked away.

"i told you man." the friend of the man who approached jimin shook his head and snickered at his friend.


"i'm kim seokjin, the oldest.." jimin nodded his head, trying to memorize their names as they introduce themselves. he had learned that currently, namjoon and seokjin are dating, and taehyung and hoseok are also dating, and jungkook is straight– which he immediately said it was before when he met a certain male that changed his sexuality.

almost immediately after knowing that information, he felt happy, and probably, probably, he thought it was him— which he immediately said no to. but of course, deep inside in him, he hopes it him.

too early, you say?

well you see, jimin likes someone immediately, especially if that someone– that guy, reached his standards that are shofewing high, to the point that he almost thought to himself that no one in this world would reach it, and thought that he doesn't care and is willing to be single all his life.

which he knows is hard. because he's a little, and he knows sooner or later, he needs someone who is willing to take care of him when he is.

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