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jimin can't help when he's little, but to get super clingy to the person he's comfortable. how'd that happened so fast in just half an hour? well, that is left to your   i m a g i n a t i o n.

jungkook didn't mind jimin clinging onto him, instead, he liked it. i mean, if a cute little boy clinging onto you, can you resist it? well, depends on you, but for jungkook, he certainly love it.

but jungkook saw a friend, not wanting jimin to be taken away from him, he guided jimin to the boy's restroom. however, the latter whined and accidentally hit someone behind him, making the pissed person snap at him.

"what the fuck? are you a kid or something? fucking grow up, okay?"

and that triggered jimin to come back, he bowed repeatedly as he apologize, only to get stopped by jungkook, who stepped in front of and hid jimin behind.

"look, he didn't mean i—"

"i know, okay? i'm just telling him to fucking mind the people around him."

a crowd formed, and people began to whisper.

"wait, isn't he jeon jeongg— oh wait there's min yoongi, too!"

"who is that bo— oh he's so cute!"

"i can see why jungkook is protecting the cute guy."

fortunately to say, jimin didn't receive a lot of hate, because that's jeon jeongguk right there, who is the popular fuckboy of the school, and is in a group called bangtan sonyeondan or BTS for short. although of course, he had receive some jealous comments and some glares by a girls and few men, who is gay for jungkook.

some men stared at jimin, highkey eye fucking him.

a few men took jimin from jungkook's back, making jungkook look back, the incoming fist from the said 'min yoongi', who is apparently shofewing pissed, stopped halfway when jungkook had turn to his back.

okay, yoongi isn't that bad to the point that he'll punch the younger's (jungkook's a four years younger then min yoongi) back, and damage his spinal cord.


jungkook stopped halfway, when he saw his friends cooing at the boy. he quickly ran to jimin and slapped his friends hands, hugging the latter, burying his face on the taller's chest.

aren't vampires supposed to be cold?


yes, my friends.



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