1 ♡ Beginning

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Rianna exclaimed whilst shaking me awake.

"Gahh what is your problem? It's a Saturday" I complained pushing her face away with my hand.


I realised what she meant.

"Wait, what?!"' I quickly sat up and grabbed the piece of paper she was waving around in front of my face

I read the letter

".......congratulations Laura you're going to be in the beautiful music video for BTS and get to perform with them."

I hugged Rianna

"oh my gosh I can't believe it! They picked me...ME!"

"How is this such a surprise? you danced your ass off at auditions, they'd be crazy not to pick you!"

"I just can't believe I get to meet THEM" I said squeezing Rianna in our hug

"Ahh girl you're gonna break me in a minute, save the hugs for the boys!"

I blushed a little and loosened my grip.

"the boys" I said in a flourished way. "you think they'd hug me?" I asked

"Yeah why not, you're going to be dancing alongside them too so a hug would be normal...hey! maybe you could get a big cuddle from Jimin-ah!"

My face went red. "oh my gosh my life would be complete"(Jimin bias'd)

"Don't forget to send Kookie my love!"

"Aha, I will do"

1 week later

At BigHit Studios

"I can't wait to meet her, I hope she's cute" Taehyung said flinging his arm around Jimin smiling his rectangular smile

"Me too, is she gonna be my noona?" Kookie asked

"Of course! everyone's older than you maknae" Jimin laughed.

He hit Jimin on the arm

"Hey!" Jimin said rubbing his arm

"Do any of you know how old she is?" Jin asked

"Most of us will be her oppa, she's 17 and very cute" Yoongi answered

"Hold up, how do you know she's cute? Have you seen her already?" Namjoon said narrowing his eyes towards Suga

"Her picture's up in the staff's office, I just had a little peak"

"Creep" Rap Mon replied

Jimin and V laughed

"Ohh well I hope that she's a nice noona" Jungkook said.

Hobi came running into the room

"She's here! She's in the studio dancing, she's cute!" He exclaimed

Namjoon and Suga exchanged looks

"Let's go meet her now!" Taehyung said excitedly

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