Part 6

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It was time for the coronation I am nervous that they will do what they plan.

"You nervous?" Yo ask

"Who won't?" I ask

"Just be ready in a few hours that dear throne and his life will be mine" he said and leave.

After some promises Jimong was about to put the crown on Prince Moo's head when Queen Yoo yelled.

"Stop right there!" She yelled

"Why is it?" King Taejo ask

"According to myself Prince Moo is too old for the throne he won't last long, it's better if Yo will be the king" she said

"Still Prin----" King Taejo's words got cut off when someone start throwing arrows in the hall. I was about to go near Prince Moo when someone drag me and make me sleep.

Few hours...

I woke up it's noisy outside so I stand up and saw that a war is currently happening. I was shaking in fear.

"King Taejo has passed away!" Jimong yelled

"N-no" I said

"What happen t-to father?" Eun stutter

"We don't know but he was last saw together with Chaeryong" Jimong said

"N-no!" I said

"Sorry to say Ms. y/n but it's true, Chaeryong is now in the prison" Jimong said

"For now the last words of the king "make Yo the king" he added

"Where is So?" I ask and they all look at me

"He's in the dungeon" Baek ah said

"Why?" I ask looking at him

"Yo blamed him, Yo blamed So as the master mind of the war" Baek Ah answered

"No" I said and was about to walk away when Yo spoke.

"What you're going to ran after him?" Yo ask, I look behind and look at him disbelief

"I can't believe you're really doing this for the throne" I said sighing loudly

"Yes, I'm doing this because I want" he said

"And about us? Do you think it does not affect us?" I ask him

"I don't care, for now I'll have the throne" he said and leave.

Yo is now officially the new king of goryeo and all of us is nervous what will happen next.

We're all gathered at the hall without So. I was seated beside the other servant.

Soon, Yo appeared wearing a king dress with his crown. I gulp looking at him, I can see the future of the palace.

"You must be surprised, you're all right I'm the next king" he said as the other prince is happy for him.

He spotted me and I quickly lower my head avoiding his gaze.

"I'd like to announce, Enjoy the tea!" He yelled and the officials on his side laugh in happiness that they finally get what they want.

"All servants may leave" Empress Yoo ordered. We all stand up and leave when Yo spoke.

"Not you Y/n" he said

"Why your majesty? She is a servant she can't be here" said the official

"He's right your majesty, I should leave" I said and walk off.

We all stay outside while they have a tea party as celebration.

"Miss can we ask?" Ask one of the servant, I nodded

"Are you that close to the princes?" She ask

"Not really, Queen Yoo adopt no take care of me when my parents died" I said

"Is that so? But how come the King stop you from going out?" She ask suddenly I remember Yo's words

"You'll end up my queen tho."

"Miss? Are you alright?" I snapped out of my thoughts and nodded. She goes back to her spot and stay standing.

After their tea party, we are dismissed I go to my room and saw someone.

"Who are you?" I ask

"It's me" So said

"Oh! You scared me" I said sitting

"Why are you scared tho?" He ask

"Nothing, I thought you are Yo" I said

"Did he say something to you?" He ask again

"He said....


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