treinta y uno | hipócrita

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Hipócrita — hypocrite
Joder — fuck off
Pequeño — little one
Querido amigo — dear friend


If it weren't for Kim Seokjin, Park Jimin would not have survived the night.

Jungkook was well on his way, storming out of the prison, rage glittering in his eyes as he set towards his estate, ready to spill blood.

Never before had he wished to commit such a grave crime. When your dear friends are hurt, however, you are willing to do anything to make sure they never feel the same way again.

"Espera, Jungkook!" Jin called for him as he ran towards the thundering figure.

The latter was nearly inside the carriage before the elder hauled him out and sent him staggering in the other direction.

"Estupido!" Jin spat, glaring at his friend who hunched over, panting excessively due to the run. His locks curled lightly as they danced along each heave Jungkook took in, somehow looking playful despite the horrendous situation.

The young boy glanced up at Jin, his brows furrowed, teeth gritted. "What the hell was that for?!"

"Saving you from doing something you'll regret," Jin snapped back, hands on his hips. "You're not going back home in this state."

"Joder, Jin," Jungkook rasped, head down once more as he panted. "I'm going in there and beating the living shit out of Jimin."

"And then what?" Jin demanded. "Once you gut him, you'll just carry with your day, as if nothing ever happened?"

The man stepped closer to his friend, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him to his height.

"Listen to me, Jungkook.

"If you go home now, you'll do something which will have graver consequences than you think. Stay over at mine for tonight, and then in the morning, when you have a clear mind—" Jin sent him a look, "—confront him."

The boy, after hearing his friend's rare, once-in-a-lifetime decent advice, seemed to calm down, but only just a bit.



"But I'm telling you right now, Jin," the younger muttered as the other lead them both to the carriage, "Jimin better sleep sound tonight.

"For it might as well be his last."


Jungkook slept through the remainder of the night, and with Jin's further insisting slept until midday.

Even with the hours of slumber his anger did not reside. Yes, it dimmed down on its molten fury, but the more he thought on it the more it seemed to blaze within his veins.

He had scrambled eggs only to have something to eat, and was already running out of the door before Jin's voice stopped him.

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