Tokyo Ghoul facts

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Hi everyone. I'm sorry for never posting. I've just been having a really tough time. Here is a bunch of new facts though. Please enjoy


1. Touka canonically has black hair, however due to the time it takes to ink, Sui Ishida simply stated to "just imagine she has black hair".

2. Kaneki's mother physically abused him. The trauma caused him to warp his memory so he believed that she was nothing but a gentle woman.

3. Hide has a habit of scratching his face when he is nervous or lying.

4. Kaneki shares the same birthday with Arima Kishou.

5. The sudden whitening of Kaneki's hair caused by torture is a condition known as Marie Antoinette syndrome.

6. Kaneki has 16 different names and nicknames

7. Kaneki is good at drawing.

8. Kaneki can survive for one month on one human body as a ghoul.

9. Ishida has often states that he forgets which eye he needs to put the eye patch on Kaneki because of Tooru Mutsuki.

10. Ishida suggested that Tsukiyama was the one who made Kaneki's battle suit.


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