Chapter 3

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its a new day, cold as usual, the harmattan is closing in and I'm particularly very happy today as I'm in my kitchen trying to prepare breakfast with nothing on but my underwear and a very large cotton pull over with its length getting to my thighs. I made a promise to myself to have two things in my house; a very spacious kitchen and a stereo set inside my very spacious kitchen, so you can imagine the great sense of fulfillment I get whenever I step into my kitchen.
Since its a very happy day today, I've decided to cook spaghetti but breakfast wouldn't be complete without some Marvin gaye music sauce if you know what I mean. so I turned on my beloved stereo set, grabbed a turning stick and began to theatrically mimic a jazz musician on stage as I sang along to Marvin Gaye's sexual healing while swinging my hips from side to side.
"oh hey babe", I turned around, a little bit startled as to why the music stopped abruptly. " did I wake you?" I asked a half awake but certainly amused kola. I wasn't sure for how long he was watching me but I was definitely sure he liked what he saw. I could easily tell by the wide grin on his face.

"nah you couldn't  have possibly woken me up"  he replied jovially with a drowsiness to his voice. "I was only awoken by the terrible voice of a certain woman in the kitchen".

" awnnn I'm so sorry baby" I said as I let out a heartfelt chuckle. "is my voice really that bad?"

"but on a brighter note baby, you would make a very sexy stripper" he asserted, now fully awake.

"really?" I asked, feeling a little bit shy.

"oh yes" he said assuredly, "you have a very bright future behind you baby". now there was a sexiness to his voice and I knew he was up to something mischievous. he walked up to where I was leaning against the cupboard, wrapped his hands around my waist and implanted a very sensual kiss on my lips which was followed by a kiss on the neck. Lord!! he was such a good kisser as I was turned on already.

" But I'm trying to cook" I let out a high pitched moan as he cupped my ass into his strong masculine hands.

"I think its too early for food babe" he said as he rubbed his hands slowly upward my back and unhooked my bra.

"oh kola" I moaned rather loudly this time, "you're such a bad boy". There was so much excitement in my voice now, my heart was racing as I could already feel myself getting wet in between my legs. He stretched out his hand and in one swift turn, the gas was turned off. He drew me closer to him and I could feel his hardened crotch in between my legs.

" Now can I take you to the moon" he whispered, gazing at me so intensely I could feel myself getting soaked underneath.

"But kola"...

" shhhhh" he placed a finger on my mouth, I was in the mood now, craving every bit of pleasure he had to offer. I took off my large pull over, giving him unlimited access to my body and was he glad. Like an experienced field marshal he was working on my body giving me glorious outbursts of unquantifiable pleasure. He had worked on my body slowly from my cleavage kissing it down to my belly button then he stopped, looking up at me to see how far he had conquered me. I slid my fingers through his hair giving him the cue to continue and like a wolf going in for the kill he dived in between my legs with his tongue.

"oh kola" I moaned loudly. the feeling was unexplainable, I was in cloud 9. I spread my legs open giving him better access to drive me nuts with pleasure.

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