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Hey guys I'm back..and I'm still alive haan😂 I know this time I'm super-duper late but what can I do? I was so busy coz of my exams and also even I started my own FC on Insta for MaNan edits, so all this took my lots of time..but know I promise I'll update my chapters soon!

So back to story👇

After coming from Kapoor's Mension Everyone is off to sleep but there was one person who was lost in his own thoughts and that is NON-OTHER than Manik Malhotra!
Let's see why he's not feeling sleepy after that tiring day...

Manik self talk!
What was that? Why she's trying to hide her pain? I know she was lying that time, I know she's was not feeling sleepy... But how I'm so sure... God! Yeh Ladki mujhe Pagal kar deygi... Mai Aaj hi toh Mila hu usse... Uff MANIK Ignore her!
And with this he fell asleep!


Next day...
Kapoor's Mension...

Everyone is already present at dinning room for breakfast, and having there breakfast... Raman kapoor not for once looked towards Nandini , he after completing his breakfast left for office while kissing Soha's, Anika's and Shivay's forehead! Arti kapoor also left from there giving disgusting looks to Nandini!
Seeing there gesture Nandini's eyes becomes tearing but she controled her emotions by putting fake smile on her face! Shivika very well know that she's not happy but they tried to avoid this topic... And while changing the topic shivay said...

Shivay: Nandu collage Kabse join kr rhi ho tum?

Nandini: Aaj sey hi bhaiya...and...but before she could complete her sentence soha said...

Soha: Ohk guys, I'm going for collage... I'll catch you all at evening!

Shivay: Areey soha wait! Nandini and Navya will also join you coz they already took there admission in space academy!

Soha: (while annoyingly) what?😨 but why?

Shivay: (said in high tone) waht do you mean by why soha? Aren't you happy that your sister will join you!

Soha: (annoyingly said) No! I'm not happy but I can't do something ryt?
Shivay: (said in high tone)  Mind you tongue soha! Nandini and Navya will join you and don't you dare to utter one word against her!
Anika held shivay's hand coz she knows how protecting he is for his Nandu!

Soha: (annoyingly said) yeah whatever! Ohk! Let's go Nandini!
Saying this she left outside and Nandini after passing smile to both Shivika left from there! Navya is already present that's why Nandini, soha and Navya all went for collage!

At Space Academy!
09:30 a.m

Nandini, Navya and Soha reached collage, And same time Fab5 also reached there in there all time Swag!

All came out of there cars and wished eachother, Fab5 were shocked to see Nandini and Navya there... But there is one person who is shocked and lost also while seeing Nandini and that person is NON-OTHER than Manik Malhotra, feeling his intense gaze Nandini also looked towards him...and they both gone lost in eachother eyes...
Manik can see the pain in her eyes and nandini can see the unanswered questions in his eyes...both were lost in there own world...both gone mad by seeing eachother beauty!

                            FAB5 👇

                            FAB5 👇

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