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"I don't wanna do the work today, I don't really wanna do the work today."

"Fuck no Zazz." "Noted, thank you so much."

"Limited time offer, one day only. You come back and help us, I'll be your wife. Like what you see? All this can be yours, all night every night."

"We spend our entire lives scroucing around for nuts and berries like a bunch of squirrels, but let's face it... we can not compete with Squirrels. They are smarter, faster and better at collecting nuts then we will ever be."

"You can just say uh no a fuck a-you"

"So I'm not special?" "No"


"Uh schwoopsie."

"Duck is lord."

"What's that?" "That's my dick."

"You're gonna sleep in puddles like the rest of us."

"It shows my Privilage."

"What the fuck!"

"I would have just kept eating the poison until it killed me, you saved my life."

"Spit it out! Oh uh, open your mouth and drop it!"


"Next you're gonna tell me that Tiblyn's not really holding up the sky."


"Yeah, we still tell tales of your reign to the little ones just to scare the shit out of them."

"Good. Those privileged fucks."

"Humor was a gift from the duck. Everything *he* said was funny. His voice sounded like farts!"

"Why does Ducker get to sleep in the only dry spot in the cave?"

"Yeah, it's like do my balls even smell?" "Yes!"

"Mm, babies. They are delicious."

"My mouth is watering."

"That's the mammoth that killed my father!" "Ew, I hate him."

"Uh, well, you know how sometimes there'll be a pack of coyotes that are feasting on a rabbit? And there's always one small runt of a coyote that's being kept from the meal" "Yes" "I'm like the rabbit."

"Is she gone?" "I think so" "Uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-uh, uh-uh. An elephant *never* forget"

"Oh, Keeri, these aren't nuts. These are clumps of dirt." "Bullshit."

"I'm your mommy now."

"Neanderthals. Man, I really hope my species doesn't wipe you guys out."

"It's a turkey! Wait, it's not really a turkey, it just looks like a turkey. How did you do this? Did you smash a tiny turkey with this rock?"

"Keeri, what are you, fucking nuts?"

"Shit hits the.... well I don't even know what."

"I can't spend one more night in a wet cave in a stank-ass pile of stinky-ass people."

"We trusted you, Zazzalil!" "Who the fuck are you?!"

"Emberly! Come on, you're just taking a shit on the ground? This is a terrible idea!"

"Jemilla! If you put Tiblyn's arms down and the sky doesn't fall I will be the first to renounce my faith in the duck! But Jemilla - You don't have the guts."

"Instead she's got us figuring out all this useless shit. It's like, I don't care where the sun goes at night, he's an asshole!"

"Maybe the joke was never funny."

"And maybe Schwoopsie's just been holding this joke up over her head for like 27 years because no one thought to tell her the truth."


"Satan is my Lord and saviour."

"I came here from Australia and I didn't realize how much Satan worshipping there would be."

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