Date Night-Jeno(2)

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He smiles cheekily towards me and starts the car up. "You'll know soon enough." He said slyly.

He parks into a parking complex and he quickly gets out and runs to my side. He opens the door like a gentleman and puts his hand out for me to hold. I roll my eyes at him and I put my hand in his. "Wow Jeno, how nice of you," he smiled.

"Just treating the princess how she should be treated." I smiled sweetly towards him and I wrap my arm around his, linking our arms.

As we began to walk out of the parking complex we were greeted with the light of the big city, Seoul. "What are we doing here?" I asked Jeno with hidden excitement in my voice. He looked over at me with a smirk on his face and he cleared his voice. "This is, my dear (Y/N), our date." He said slyly.

I look at him confused since I still had no idea what he was talking about. "You're not making any sense," I put a hand on my hip. "make it clearer for me."

"We're going to have a night on the big city, whatever we come by, we'll do it." He said with a big smile on his face as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

"You said the date was going to be formal! Now I have to walk in heels." I pouted and he quickly responded. "I knew you would say that, wait here!" He ran back into the parking complex.

A few minutes later he came back with a bag. He handed it to me and inside were a pair of blue vans identical to the ones Jeno was wearing. "Now if your feet start hurting, you can just change into these," he smiled with his eyes turning into small crescents. I placed a hand on my heart. "And it's a plus because then we'll match!"

"You're so thoughtful Jeno." I began to take my shoes off making Jeno confused. "Your feet are hurting already?" He asked. I shake my head no.

"I'm just tired of these heels." I chuckle a bit. "Wow, you even put socks in here?" I changed into the new shoes and put my heels into the bag.

"I'll just go put this in the car." Jeno takes the bag out of my hands and he runs back to the car. He comes back and he holds my hand. "Are you ready to go?" He asked me.

"Yup, let's go." I squeezed his hand a bit and we both began to walk down the sidewalk. "What are you we going to do first?" I ask him.

"Well, let's do whatever we want." He said and looked around at our surroundings. "We could go shopping or we could do karaoke?" He asked me and swung our hands back and forth as we walked down the sidewalk. People looked at us and awed since we were such a young couple.

"Let's go do something light, like eating?" I said and smiled towards him cheekily. He rolled his eyes at me and stared at me with a smile on his face. "You're already hungry?" His eye smile appeared making my heart melt. I nod towards him and him chuckled at me. "You're so cute, (Y/N), you know that right?" He said and placed a small kiss on my cheek.

I smile and felt my cheeks warm up a bit. "You tell me almost every day, how can I not know?" He swung our hands back and forth and smiled once again toward me.

"Just making sure you know," he said. "Okay, so you want to eat first right?" He asked and began to look around at the places near us. "It looks like a restaurant is coming up, wanna see what's there?" He said and looked towards me while he pointed to the restaurant in front of us. "Sure? Let's try it out." We began to walk towards the restaurant to see that it was a new ramen shop.

"Ah! Finally, some really good ramen!" Jeno said and patted his stomach. He looked towards me with a cheeky smile. I giggled at him. "Yeah, it was really good." I start to walk towards a nearby shop and I could hear Jeno catching up to me. I feel his hand slip into mine and we both began to walk into the shop.

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