Date Night-Jeno(2)

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"(Y/N)!" I heard my mom yell from the bottom of the stairs. "Your boyfriend is here!"

I immediately began to panic since this is our first actual formal date. All of our other dates were just laid back and they didn't even feel like dates, just two friends hanging out. I wanted to impress Jeno tonight and show him that I, Kang (Y/N) can dress nicely.

Whenever I hang out with Jeno, I wear what I feel is most comfortable. Which is a baggy shirt and some oversized sweatpants. Pretty comfortable to me but in my mom's eyes, it's trashy wear.

Jeno doesn't really care though, as long as I'm comfortable around him, he doesn't care what I wear.

I was running all over my room trying to make sure that my makeup and my dress were alright and that everything was in place. I just really didn't want to look like garbage tonight.

I picked out a black long sleeve bodycon dress with a denim jacket. With the 'help' of my mom, I bought some new heels. They were also velvet black with an ankle strap. I begged her for the smallest heel they had so I didn't have to walk in treacherous eight inch heels all night.

I had also curled my hair because usually it's up in a ponytail or a bun, but today it felt like the ponytails and buns were getting boring and too old.

With another look of reassurance in my mirror, I grab my purse and my phone and I dash out of my room. I see that my mom and Jeno were having a conversation at the door and they both didn't recognize that I had left my room. I slowly walk down the hallways and the clunking of my heels gets their attention.

My mom turns around and smiles. "Finally I see you in something other than sweatpants," she says cheerfully. I giggled a bit at her statement. As I look towards Jeno I see that he's staring at me with his eyes averted to the ground. I could see that his face was extremely red and I feel my own face begin to heat up.

"Well, what do you think of her outfit, Jeno?" My mom turned her gaze towards Jeno and she had an obvious smirk on her face. He looked up his face completely red and he looks towards me with wide eyes.

"I..uh..I think you look really beautiful (Y/N). I really love what you did with your hair." He smiled sheepishly and look back down at the ground and I could see him fiddling with his fingers.

"Thank you. You look very handsome, Jeno." I smiled towards him. He had on a button down long sleeve light blue shirt and some dark blue jeans and pair of blue vans were on his feet.

He had combed his hair down and parted it through the middle even though you could barely see the part anymore since pieces of his hair were covering it. So basically it looked how it did almost everyday but a little bit neater.

(A/N: look, now I don't know how to describe their hair so it looks like the picture above, k?)

"Okay, now you know what time (Y/N)'s dad wants her home by, right Jeno?" My mom pats Jeno's shoulder. "Now her father might not be home but I'm just as protective over her as he is." She said quickly.

I hurried to walk towards Jeno and grab his hand, holding it in mine. "Well come on let's go." I smiled towards Jeno. "Bye mom,"

We both head out the door and towards Jeno's car. As soon we hop into the car Jeno stares at me with big eyes. I look over at him confused. "What?" I ask him.

"I'm sorry, you just look so beautiful," he smiles and leans in to give me a kiss on my cheek.

"So,what's on our agenda for tonight?" I ask him excitedly. He's been planning this date for days but he would never tell me what he was thinking about doing.

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