Chapter 8

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* no one's pov*

Next Morning....

Baekhyun walks into the coffee shop and sees Chanyeol and Sehun at the table. He waves at them and they wave back. He orders his coffee and sits with his friends at the table.

Chanyeol- how was last night?

"the best night I've had in a long time...well besides the first part."

Sehun- oh what happened?

Chanyeol- how's your new client?

"she's the sweetest client I've had so far."

Sehun- did you fuck though?

" no kigga!"

Sehun- then what made it so special?

" we cuddled, watched movies, and ate pizza."

Chanyeol- so you were on a date?

" no kigga!"

Sehun- what's her name?


Sehun- oh Erica.

"she's the only client that didn't immediately try to fuck me."

Chanyeol- I mean things can change.

"it's not going to change. She just got through a break up and needs someone to be there for her when she's feeling lonely."

Chanyeol- and that somebody is you?


Sehun notices Kai and Do walk into the coffee shop. Baekhyun tries to look away hoping they wouldn't notice him but they do. 

Kai- hey Baekhyun!

Sehun- good luck.

"hey Do and ... Kai."

Kai- how are you this fine morning?


Kai- guess who was just promoted at his job.


Do- this guy!

Do points to Kai with excitement.

"wow congrats."

Kai- dang at least pretend you care.

"I don't pretend."

Kai- since my salary has increased guess who is going to buy things for your daughter?


Do- this guy again!

Kai- yes me again, you're welcome.

"why would you buy things for my daughter?"

Kai- because, I can afford it.

"and I can't?"

Kai- no you can't.

"what makes you think that?

Kai- Kimberly said she asked for money from you but you refused. I understand if you're going through hard times. That's why me, your guardian angel is here to help.

Do- Kai you are so generous.

Kai- I know I am.

Do- you're a saint.

Sehun- Do, how much does he pay for you to kiss his ass?

Do- $200k.

Sehun- Kai you are a sexy man.

Chanyeol tries not to laugh at Sehun's attempt.

Sehun- I really like your suit too.

Kai- I'm not hiring new ass kissers.

Sehun- well if you do please call me.

" I don't need charity."

Sehun- I will like suck your dick right some public humilation type shit.

Chanyeol- Sehun. shut the fuck up.

Kai- anyway are you sure about that? You can't spoil your daughter like I can.

Baekhyun gets up from his table and gets in Kai's face.

"kigga that's my daughter, not yours."

Kai- but I plan to marry your baby mama, which will make me Isabelle's step daddy.

"yes step, not her actually daddy."

Kai smirks and adjusts his tie.

Kai- we'll see about that.

" stop buying shit for my daughter jackass."

Do- you don't want your daughter to have everything she could've asked for?

" I do but I don't want her thinking love only comes from material shit."

Kai- speak for yourself Baekhyun. Bye.

Kai and Do walks away and Baekhyun looks back at Sehun. Chanyeol sips his coffee while Baekhyun watches Kai and Do.

Baekhyun- asshole.

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